1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Triangle (music)

TRIANGLE, in music (Fr. triangle, Ger. Triangel, Ital. triangolo), an instrument of percussion of indefinite musical pitch, consisting of a triangular rod of steel, open and slightly curved at one corner. The triangle, suspended by a loop, is played by means of a steel stick with a wooden handle. Varied rhythmical effects and different grades of forte and piano can be obtained. A sort of tremolo or roll can be produced by striking each end of the triangle alternately in rapid succession. When the triangle is scored for on a separate staff, the treble clef is used, but it is more often included with the bass drum on the bass stave. The tone of the triangle is clear and ringing, but it should have no definite pitch. The small triangles are the best. Beethoven, Mozart, Weber and other great masters employed the instrument.