1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland/Authorities

Authorities.—The following publications relating to the United Kingdom are issued annually in London (unless otherwise stated): Finance Accounts; Financial Estimates; Return showing Revenue and Expenditure (England, Scotland and Ireland); National Debt Accounts; National Debt during 60 Years; Local Taxation Returns; Army Estimates; Army Accounts; Army List (quarterly); Navy Estimates; Navy List (quarterly); Royal Commission an Agriculture, Reports (1896); Mineral Statistics; Reports of Inspectors of Mines; Reports on Factories and Workshops; Reports of Inspectors of Fisheries; Return of Fish conveyed inland by rail; Statement of the Trade of the United Kingdom; Statement of the Shipping and Navigation of the United Kingdom; Report of the Postmaster-General. Vital statistics: Reports of the registrars-general respectively for England, for Scotland (Edinburgh), for Ireland (Dublin); Census Reports (decennial, 1901, &c.), ditto; Education: Reports of the Board of Education for England and Wales; Report of the Commissioners of National Education in Ireland; Report of the Committee of Council on Education in Scotland; Electoral Statistics (London, 1905); Statistical Tables relating to Emigration and Immigration; Judicial Statistics of England and Wales, of Scotland, of Ireland; Local Government Reports, ditto; Statistical Abstract for the United Kingdom; in which the most important statistics are summarized for each of the fifteen years preceding the year of issue. Among books may be mentioned the following: Sir W. R. Anson, The Law and Custom of Constitution (2 vols., 2nd ed., Oxford, 1892–1896); W. J. Ashley (edited by), British Industries (London, 1902); E. G. Boutmy, Le Développement de la constitution et de la société politique en Angleterre (2nd ed., Paris, 1897). Of this there is an English translation (from 1st ed.) by I. M. Eaden (London, 1891); Études de droit constitutionel, France, Angleterre, États-Unis (Paris, 1885; Eng. trans. by E. M. Dicey, London, 1891); Brassey, The Naval Annual (Portsmouth, 1886 onwards); Cassell's Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland (London, 1899); W. L. Clowes and other writers, History of the Royal Navy (London, 18961901); W. Cunningham, Growth of English Industry and Commerce (4th ed., London, 1904); A. V. Dicey, Introduction to the Study of the Law of the Constitution (5th ed., London, 1897); R. Donald (edited by) Municipal Year-book (London, annual); S. Eardley-Wilmot, Our Fleet To-day and its Development during the Last Half Century (London, 1900); Hon. J. W. Fortescue, History of the British Army (London, 1906); R. Giffen, Essays in Finance (London, 1880 and 1886); R. von Gneist, Das englische Parlament in tausendjähringen Wandelungen (Berlin, 1885; translated into English by A. H. Keane, History of the English Parliament, London, 1889); Englische Verfassungsgeschichte (Berlin, 1882; Eng. trans. by P. A. Ashworth, London, 1891); E. Hull, The Coalfields of Great Britain (London, 1905); E. T. Rogers, Industrial and Commercial History of England (London, 1892); J. Holt Schooling, The British Trade Book (London, 1908); Sir J. R. Seeley, The Growth of British Policy (2 vols., London, 1895); H. Taylor, The Origin and Growth of the English Constitution (2 vols., London, 1889-1899); A. Todd, Parliamentary Government in England (new ed., revised by S. Walpole, 2 vols., London, 1892).