1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Visoko

VISOKO (or Visoki), a town of Bosnia, on the river Bosna, 15 m. N.W. of Serajevo by rail. Pop. (1895), about 5000. Visoko has a brisk trade in leather, carpets and tobacco.

Between the 13th and 16th centuries Visoko was only second to Jajce as a stronghold of the Bosnian rulers. There were fortified palaces at Sutječka, and Bobovac, among the mountains on the north. Bohovac, which had withstood many previous assaults, was betrayed to the Turks in 1463; at Sutječka there is a Franciscan monastery, founded in 1391, often razed by the Turks, and finally rebuilt in 1821. Just below Visoko lay the town of Podvisoko, called Solto Visochi by the Ragusans, which was the chief mart of the country from 1348 to 1430.