1911 Encyclopædia Britannica/Winfield

WINFIELD, a city and the county-seat of Cowley county, Kansas, U.S.A., in the S. part of the state, on the Walnut river, about 40 m. S.S.E. of Wichita. Pop. (1890) 5184; (1900) 5554, of whom 203 were foreign born and 282 were negroes; (1905) 7845, (1910) 6700. It is served by the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fé, the Missouri Pacific, and the St Louis & San Francisco railways, and is connected by electric line with Arkansas City, Arkansas. In the city are St John's Lutheran College (1893), the South-west Kansas College (Methodist Episcopal, opened in 1886), St Mary's Hospital and Training School (1898), Winfield Hospital (1900), a Lutheran orphans' home and a State School for Feeble-minded Youth. Island Park (50 acres) is the meeting-place of a summer Chautauqua. Winfield is a supply and distributing point for a rich farming country, in which large quantities of wheat and alfalfa are raised. Limestone is quarried near the city, and natural gas is found in the vicinity and piped in from eastern fields for general use in the city. The municipality owns and operates the waterworks and the electric-lighting plant. Winfield was settled in 1870 and incorporated in 1871.