1922 Encyclopædia Britannica/Lugard, Sir Frederick John Dealtry

10590041922 Encyclopædia Britannica — Lugard, Sir Frederick John Dealtry

LUGARD, SIR FREDERICK JOHN DEALTRY (1858-), English administrator (see 17.115), in 1912 resigned his position as governor of Hong-Kong. From 1912 to 1913 he was governor of Northern and Southern Nigeria, the two protectorates having been unified in 1912.

His wife, Flora Louise Shaw, whom he married in 1902, was a well-known author and journalist. She was for some years a contributor to The Times, subsequently becoming head of the colonial section of that paper. In connexion with this work, she went as special correspondent to South Africa (1892 and 1901), and to Australia and New Zealand (1892) partly in order to study the question of Kanaka labour in the sugar plantations of Queensland. She also made two journeys to Canada (1893 and 1898), the second of which included a journey to the gold-diggings of Klondike. During the World War Lady Lugard was prominent in the founding of the War Refugees Committee, which dealt with the problem of the Belgian refugees, and also founded the Lady Lugard hospitality committee. She was in 1918 created D.B.E.