1922 Encyclopædia Britannica/Sibelius, Jean Julius Christian

1922 Encyclopædia Britannica
Sibelius, Jean Julius Christian

SIBELIUS, JEAN JULIUS CHRISTIAN (1865-), Finnish musical composer, was born at Tavastehus, Finland, Dec. 1865. He was educated at Helsingfors, and later studied music at Berlin and Vienna. In 1916 he became a professor of literature at Helsingfors. His orchestral works include " Romance in C " (1890); Karelia (1893); Friihlingslied (1893); Finlandia (1905) and five symphonies (1897, 1901, 1905, 1910, 1915). He also composed many songs and pianoforte pieces. His music to the tragedy Kaolema (1904) contains the " Valse triste," which has gained wide popularity. In 1921 he visited England and produced his 5th symphony.