1997 Special Investigation in Connection with 1996 Federal Election Campaigns

Investigation of Illegal or Improper Activities in Connection With 1996 Federal Election Campaigns  (1997) 

a United States Senate Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs report. A source can be found here.

  • Section 1: Preface
  • Section 2: "Procedural Background and Overview Section"
  • Section 3: "Summary of Findings"
  • Section 4: "The Thirst for Money"
  • Section 5: "The White House Controlled the DNC and Improperly Coordinated the Activities of the DNC and Clinton/Gore '96"
  • Section 6: "The DNC Dismantled its System for Vetting Contributions"
  • Section 7: "DNC Fundraising in the White House: Coffees, Overnights, and Other Events"
  • Section 8: "Fundraising from the White House"
  • Section 9: "White House Vetting of Individuals with Access to the President"
  • Section 10: "Johnny Chung and the White House 'Subway'"
  • Section 11: "The Contribution of Yogesh Gandhi"
  • Section 12: "Ted Sioeng, His Family, and His Business Interests"
  • Section 13: "John Huang's Years at Lippo"
  • Section 14: "John Huang at Commerce"
  • Section 15: "John Huang Moves from Commerce to the DNC"
  • Section 16: "John Huang's Illegal Fundraising at the DNC"
  • Section 17: "The Hsi Lai Temple Fundraiser and Maria Hsia"
  • Section 18: "The China Connection: Summary of Committee's Findings Relating to the Effort of the People's Republic of China to Influence U.S. Policies and Elections"
  • Section 19: "Charlie Trie's and Ng Lap Seng's Laundered Contributions to the DNC"
  • Section 20: "Charlie Trie's Contributions to the Presidential Legal Expense Trust"
  • Section 21: "The Saga of Roger Tamraz"
  • Section 22: "DNC Efforts to Raise Money in the Indian Gaming Community"
  • Section 23: "The Hudson Wisconsin Casino Proposal"
  • Section 24: "The Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes: Their Quest for the Fort Reno Lands"
  • Section 25: "The Offer of R. Warren Meddoff"
  • Section 26: "White House, DNC and Clinton-Gore Campaign Fundraising Efforts Involving the International Brotherhood of Teamsters"
  • Section 27: "Compliance by Nonprofits with Committee Subpoenas"
  • Section 28: "Role of Nonprofit Groups in the 1996 Elections"
  • Section 29: "Allegations Relating to the National Policy Forum"
  • Section 30: "White House Document Production"
  • Section 31: "DNC Document Production"
  • Section 32: "Campaign Finance Reform Issues Brought to the Forefront by the Special Investigation"
  • Section 33: "Recommendations"

This work is in the public domain in the United States because it is a work of the United States federal government (see 17 U.S.C. 105).