Waters-Pierce Oil Company v. Texas (212 U.S. 86)

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United States Supreme Court

212 U.S. 86

Waters-Pierce Oil Company  v.  Texas (212 U.S. 86)

 Argued: October 30, November 2, 3, 1908. --- Decided: January 18, 1909

Messrs. Moorfield Storey, E. B. Perkins, H. S. Priest, J. L. Thorndike, and J. D. Johnson for plaintiff in error.

[Argument of Counsel from pages 87-92 intentionally omitted]

Messrs. G. W. Allen, R. L. Batts, Robert Vance Davidson, Jewel P. Light-foot, John W. Brady, T. W. Gregory, and Messrs. Allen & Hart for defendant in error.

[Argument of Counsel from pages 93-95 intentionally omitted]

Mr. Justice Day delivered the opinion of the court:


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