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United States Supreme Court

50 U.S. 34

Walden  v.  Bodley's

THESE two cases were brought up by appeal, from the Circuit Court of the United States for the District of Kentucky.

The caues were exceedingly complicated, and cannot be understood without a reference to the following plat.

The history and facts of the case are given so much in detail in the opinion of the court, that it is unnecessary to do more than refer the reader to that opinion, as delivered by Mr. Justice Catron.

It was argued by Mr. Underwood for the appellants, and Mr. C. S. Morehead for the appellees. The only question was, whether or not the Circuit Court had properly executed the mandate of this court, and the arguments of the counsel are noticed with sufficient clearness in the opinion of the court, as well as the facts in the case.

Mr. Justice CATRON delivered the opinion of the court.


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