A Catalogue of Books

A catalogue of choice and valuable books, consisting of near 600 volumes, in most faculties and sciences, viz. divinity, history, law, mathematics, philosophy, physic, poetry, &c.  (1744) 
by Benjamin Franklin

This work was published before January 1, 1927, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.








Near 600 Volumes, in most Faculties

and Sciences, viz.
Divinity, History, Law, Ma-

thematics, Philosophy, Phy-

sic, Poetry,
Which will begin
TO BE SOLD for Ready Money only, by Benj. Franklin, at the Post-Office in Philadephia, on Wednesday, the llth of April 1744, at Nine a Clock in the Morning ; And, for Dispatch, the lowest Price is mark'd in each Book.
The Sale to continue Three Weeks, and no longer ; and what then remains will be sold at an advanced Price.
Those Persons that live remote, by sending their Orders and Money to said B. Franklin, may depend on the same Justice as if present.



FINE large Folio BIBLE, compleat, Oxford 1727.
2  Ditto, with Maps, Notes, &c.
Clarendon's History of the Rebellion, 3 Vols
Bayley's universal etimological Dictionary.
5  Marlorati Thesaurus Scripturæ.
Wiquefort's compleat Ambassador,  translated by Digby,  finely bound.
Hobbes's Leviathan, very scarce.
R. Barclay's Works,  compleat.
D. Rogers's Lectures on Naaman the Syrian.
10  Bunny's Head Corner-Stone.
11  Sturmii Mathesis Compendiaria.
12  Brown's Vulgar Errors.
13  Boccalini's Advice from Parnassus.
14  Bunyan's Works,  2 Vols. with fine Cuts.
15  The Common Prayerblack Letter.
16  Astronomia Anglicana.
17  Culpepper's English Dispensatory.
18  History of Edward III.
19  Wood's Institutes of the Civil Law.
20  Coke's Institutes,  4 Parts in 3 Vols. 3d Edition.
21  English Pilot for the Northern Navigation.
22  Sea Atlas of all the known Coasts of the World.
23  English Pilot for the West-Indies.
24  Livii Opera omnia quæ extant, cum Chronologia & Notis Glarianis.  Basil 1555.
25  Leeke and Serle's Euclid,  with Dee's Preface.
26  Concordantia Bibliorum.
27  Carkess's Book of Rates ; with all the Acts of Parliament relating to the Customs.
28  Novum Testamentum Græcum, cum Interpretationibus Bezæ & Castalionis.

29 Hooker's Ecclesiastical Polity.

30 Hormi accuratissima Orbis Delineatio, containing (besides an Introduction to Geography) 67 curious Maps of ancient Geography, both sacred and profane.

31 Cambden's Britannia, containing the History and Antiquities of England.

32 Lock on human Understanding.

33 Herodotus, Græce & Latine, by T. Gale.

34 Malyne's Merchants Law, 3d Edition.

35 Domat's Civil and Publick Law, with additional Remarks by Strahan. 2 Vols.

36 Wingate's Maxims or Reasons of the Com. Law.

37 Thesaurus Brevium, or Forms of Writs.

38 Leonard's Reports, 4 Vols.

39 Cases in Chancery, 2 Vols. with M. S. Notes

40 Ventris's Reports, 2 Vols. bound in one.

41 Modern Reports, 2d;3d,4th and 6th Parts.

42 Hobart's Reports, 3d Edit.

43 Montaign's Essays.

44 Stapylton's Juvenal, with fine Cuts.

45 Monteth's History of the Troubles of Great-Brit. 2 Vol.

46 Philips's New World of Words, being a compleat English Dictionary.

47 Minshew's Dictionary of nine Languages.

48 Brown's Anatomy of the Muscles, with fine Cuts.

49 Pindaris Opera omnia græce, cum versione Carmin.Lyr. N. Sudocii. Oxon. 1697. N.B. This is the best Edition extant.

50 Syderfin's Reports.

51 A Collection of State Tracts, among which are. Truth confest by Papists, Growth of Knavery, Oats's Plot, Trials of S. Colledge and Sir Tho. Gascoigne for High Treason, &c. &c. &c.

52 Scapulæ Lexicon Græc. Lat.

53 Aristotelis Opera omnia, Græc. & Lat. 2 Vols. 1695.

54 Compleat Collection of all the Laws of Virginia.

55 Hyldersham's 152 Lectures on the 51st Psalm.

56 Tyrrel's Enquiry into the ancient Constitution of the English Government.

57 Boccalini's Advice from Parnassus, revised and corrected by M. Hughes. 58  ACOSTA's Natural History of the East- and West Indies.
59  Maps for the Greek and Latin Classics,  by Dr. Wells.
60  Clenardi Grammatica Græca.
61  Latin, French, English, Welsh and High-Dutch Bibles, of various Sorts and Prices.
62  Pemberton's View of Sir Isaac Newton's Philosophy.
63  Lenfant's History of the Council of Constance, 2 Vols.
64  Cumberland's Law of Nature,  Englished by Maxwell.
65  England's Morals of the Ancients.
66  Sprat's History of the Royal Society.
67  Clagget's Tracts against Popery,  very scarce.
68  Hatton's Merchants Magazine.
69  Heereboard's Meletemata Philosophica.
70  Wendelini Contemplationes Physicæ.
71  Collection of scarce Pamphlets,about Plots, Popery, &c.
72  Daillie's Right Use of the Fathers.
73  Littleton's Dictionary.
74  Boerhaave's Chemistry,  with a curious Appendix by Dr. Shaw.  2 Vols.
75  American Library.
76  Ciceronis Opera omnia, cum Notis Gruteri & Gronovii, 2 Vols.  Typ. Vander Aa.
77  Barrough's Method of the Physic.
78  Freinshemii Supplementum Livii.  N.B. This completes Livy's History, N. 24.
79  Corpus omnium Poetarum Latinorum.
80  Hodgeson's Mathematicks, 1st Vol. containing Geometry, Trigonometry, Navigation, Projections of the Sphere, Use of the Globes, and Logarithms.
81  Hatton's Arithmetick.
82  Philosophia vetus & nova, Burgundiensis,  2 Vols.
83  Lord Bacon's Letters and Memoirs.
84  Shepherd's Touch-stone of Assurances, and Faithful Counsellor,  2 Vols.
85  Vossius de Græcis & Latinis Historicis.
86  Chirurgie Francoise, par J. Dalechamps, avec plusieurs Figures des Instruments necessaires pour l' Operation manuelle.
87  Powel's Attorney's Academy.
88  Godwin's Roman, Greek and Jewish Antiquities. 89  Dictionaire Francois, Espaignolz & Latins.
90  Poetical Works of S. Daniel, dedic. to Q. Elizab.
91  Stillingfleet's Weapon-Salve for the Church's Wound.
92  Feltham's Resolves.
93  Culverwell's Light of Nature.


94  BISHOP Hopkins's Sermons on Man's Mortality,
Danger of little Sins, of abstaining from all Appear-
ance of Evil, &c.

95  Ovidii FastiTristia,  &c. cum Notis variorum.
96  Edward Ward's Miscellaneous Works in Prose and Verse,  3d Vol.
97  Pagnini Thesaurus Linguæ Sanctæ.
98  Cooke's Marrow of Physic, Surgery and Anatomy,  with fine Cuts.
99  Allestree's Funeral Handkerchief.
100  Polybius's History, translated by Sir H.S. Bart. 2 Vols.
101  Rollin's Roman History,  3 Vols.
102  History of the Heavens,  with fine CutsBy the Author of the Spectacle de la Nature.
103  Xenophon's Cyropædia,  translated by Ashly, 2 Vols.
104  Rights of the Christian Church,  2 Vols.
105  Mudge's Sermons.
106  Johnson's Sermons on the most important Points of the Christian Religion,  2 Vols.
107  Lock's Letters concerning Toleration.
108  Enquiry into the Nature of the Soul,  2 Vols.
109  Terracon's Dissertation on Homer's Iliad.  2 Vols.
110  Richardson's Observations on Homer.
111  Chandler's Defence of Christianity.
112  Butler's Analogy.
113  --------- Sermons.
114  Baker's Reflections on Learning.
115  Burnet's State of the Dead.
116  Clarendon's History of the Civil Wars,  6 Vols.
117  Life of Sethos,  2 Vols.
118  Life of God in the Soul of Man,  by Scougall, with the Author's Funeral Sermon.  (The best Edition.)
119  Gentleman's Magazine for 1731, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
120  London Magazine for 1738.
121  Horneck's Crucified Jesus.122