A Complete Course in Dressmaking/Lesson 1/Your sewing machine


Sewing machines differ somewhat in their construction, but a few rules apply to all of them:

Do not let the machine stand open when you are not using it. Dust will clog it. Keep a muslin cover to throw over the machine when you do not want to remove the work.

Oil your machine at night—a freshly oiled machine is apt to soil the work.

Clean the machine at least once a month, wiping it free from lint and dust.

Do not run your machine with the presser foot down, unless there is material under it. If the presser foot rests on the feed, it will wear out the feed.

Do not run your machine threaded before placing your material. The thread will clog and break.

Remember that you cannot pull the material faster than the machine feeds. Guide the material, but do not pull it or you may bend or break the needle.