1967986A Dictionary of Hymnology — Abbreviations1907


In this dictionary nearly eight hundred abbreviations bare been used. Of these a large proportion are self-evident, and others, being in common use, are not repeated here. In this Table, therefore, those only are given which are for the most part peculiar to this work.

In several instances pages are given instead of explanations. This has been done because the details given on the pages indicated are not only too full for repetition, but are also of great value to the Reader. See also Supplemental List on p. xviii.

A. B. C. See p. 738, ii.
A. B. M. See p. 738, ii.
A. H. (Wetzel's). See p. 1118, li,
A. M. E. See p. 738, ii.
A. P. M. See p. 738, ii.
A. V. Authorized Version.
A. & M. Ancient and Modern.
Add. Additional.
Aest. Aestiva.
Alford. See p. 39, ii.
Allg. Deutsche Biog. See p. xviii. [1]
Allg. G. B. See pp. 193, i.; 512, ii.
Amer. Ger. American German.
Auth. Graec. Carm. Christ. See p. 456, ii.
Appx. Appendix.
Aug. Augustine.
Aut. Autumnalis.

B. M. British Musenm.
B. M. S. See p. 738, ii.
B. MSS. Brooke MSS., p. 184, i.
B. V. M. Blessed Virgin Mary.
Bap. H. Bk. Baptist Hymn Book.
Bap. Hyl. Baptist Hymnai.
Barry. See p. 340, ii.
Bässler. See p. 656, i. 4.
Bäumker. See p, xviii. [2]
Bibl. Nat. Bibliothèque Nationale.
Bode. See p. 1888, 11.
Brev. Breviary.
Brit. Mag. British Magazine.
Brüder G. B. See p. 768, ii.
Burrage. See p. 1526, i.

C. B. Chorale Book.
C. M. S. See p. 738, ii.
C. MSS. Campbell MSS. See pp. xvi.; 202, i.
C. P. & H. Bk. See Mercer.
C. Q. R. Church Quarterly Review.
C. U. Common Use.
Calig. Caligula.
Cassander. See p. 655, i.
''Cathem Hymn. See p. 914, ii. (1),
Ch. & Home. Church and Home.
Ch. Hys. Church Hymns.
Chope. See p. 223, ii.
Claud. Claudius.
Clichtovaeus. See p. 648, ii.
Coll. Cot lection.
Cong. H. Bk. Congregational Hymn Book.

D. C. District of Columbia.
D. MSS. Doddridge MSS. Sea pp. xvi.; 305, ii.; 1580, i.
Don. Thes. Hymn. See Daniel.
Daniel. See p. 275, i.
Dreves. See p. xviii. [3]
Duffield. See p. 1526, i.

E. MSS. The Editor's MSS. See p. xvi.
E. U. Evangelical Union.
Ev. L. S. See p. 627, ii.
Evang. Hyl. Evangelical Hymnal.
Evang. Mag. Evangelical Magazine.
Evang. U. Evangelical Union.

F. C. Free Church.
F. C. S. See p. 738, ii.
''Fabricius. See p. 586, ii.
Fasc. Fasciculus.
Fischer. See p. 377, i.

G. B. Gesang-Buch.
G. E. L. German Evangelical Lutheran.
G. L. S. See p. 626, ii.
G. MSS. Gill MSS. See pp. xvi.; 421, i.
Goedeke's Grundriss. See p. 1565, i.
Gospel Mag. Gospel Magazine.

H. A. and M. Hymns Ancient and Modern,
H. B. S. Henry Bradshaw Society.
H. Bk. Hymn Book,
H. E. C. Hymns of the Eastern Church.
H. H. Bk. Home Hymn Book.
H. L. L. See p. 163, ii.
H. MSS. Hall MSS. See pp. xvi.; 481, ii.
H. Noted. Hymnal Noted.
Harl. Harley.
Harland. See p. 491, i.
Hatfield. See p. 1526, i.
Hav. MSS. Havergal MSS. See pp. xvi.; 496, ii.; 498, i.
Heb. Hebrew.
Heerwagen. See p. xii. [4]
Hoffmann. See p. 418, ii.
Horae Ger. See p. 736, i.
Hy. Angl. Hymnarium Anglicanum.
Hy. Comp. Hymnal Companion.
Hymn. Sarisb. Hymnarium Sarisburiense.

Jul. Julius.

K. S. M. See p. 738, ii.
Kekrein. See p. 1042, i.

Kennedy. See p. 622, i.
Koch. See p. 630, ii,
Königsfeld. See p. 658, i.
Kraus. See p. xviii. [5]

L. M. S. See p. 733, ii.
L. S. N. See p. 812, i.
Lat. Hys. Latin Hymns.
Leyser. See p. 655, i. 7.
Lib. of R. P. See p. 1004.
Luth. Ch. Bk. Lutheran Church Book.
Luth. Hyl. Lutheran Hymnal.
Lyra Brit. Lyra Britannica. See p. 339, ii.
Lyra Ger. Lyra Germanica.
Lyra Sac. Amer. Lyra Sacra Americana.

M. M. See p. 788, ii.
M. MSS. Montgomery MSS. See pp. xvi.; 763, ii.
Madan. See p. 709, ii.
Mag. Magazine.
Mass. Massachusetts.
Med. Hys. Mediaeval Hymns.
Mercer. See p. 725, i.
Meth. Episco. Methodist Episcopal.
Meth. F. C. Methodist Free Church.
Meth. H. Bk. Methodist Hymn Book.
Mid. MSS. Midlane MSS. See pp. xvi.; 733, ii.
Migne. See p. 556, i. 13.
Miller. See p. 765, ii.
Misc. Miscellaneous.
Misset-Weale. See p. 1700, ii.
Mitre. Mitre H. Bk. See p. 451, ii.
Mone. See p. 762, i.
Morel. See p. 655, ii.
Mützell. See pp. xviii. [6]; 613, ii.

N. D. Not dated.
N. Cong. H. Bk. New Congregational Hymn Book.
N. E. New England.
N. H. New Hampshire.
N. P. No Publisher's Name.
N. S. New Style of dating,
N. T. New Testament.
N. V. New Version.
N. Y. New York.
Nutter. See p. 1536, i.

O. H. Bk. See p. MS, i.
O. O. H. Bk. See p. 1081, ii.
O. S. Old Style of dating.
O. V. Old Version.

P. A. Pastoral Association.
P. Bk. Prayer Book,
Pa. Pennsylvania.
Patrol. See p. 656, i. 16.
People's H. People's Hymnal.
Phila. Philadelphia.
PP. Graec. Patrology: Series Graeca.
PP. Lat. Patrology: Series Latina.
Presb. Presbyterian.
Ps. & Hys. Psalms and Hymns.

R. C. Roman Catholic
R. I. Rhode Island.
R. MSS. Raffles MSS. See pp. xvi.; 949, ii.
R. T. S. Religious Tract Society.
R. V. Revised Version.
Rambach, See p. 950, i.
Rawl. Rawlinson.
Repertorium. See p. 1662, i.
Rippon. See p. 984, i.
Rom. Brev. Roman Breviary.
S. C. South Carolina.
S. J. Society of Jesus.
S. MSS. Sedgwick MSS. See pp. xvi.; 1036, ii.
S. of G. & G. See p. 340, ii. 39.
S. P. C. K. Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge.
S. P. G. See p. 738, ii.
S. S. H. Bk. Sunday School Hymn Book.
S. S. U. H. Bk. Sunday School Union Hymn Book.
Sarum Hyl. See p. 340, ii. 29.
Sc. MSS. Scott (E.) MSS. See pp. xvi.; 1019, ii.
Sel. Selection; Selected.
Simrock. See p. 656, i. 5.
Skinner. See p. 1061, ii.
Snepp. See p. 340, ii. 39.
Songs of G. & G. See p. 340, ii. 39,
Supp. Supplement.
Suppl. Supplemental.

T. & B. Tate and Brady.
Thomasius. See p. xviii. [7]
Thring. See p. 1173, i.
Toplady. See p, 1182, ii.
Tr. Translation; Translated.
Trench. See pp. 655, ii.; 1135, i.
Trs. Translations.
Trs. and Par. Translations and Paraphrases.

U. M. United Methodist.
U. P. United Presbyterian.
U. S., U. S. A. United States of America.
Unv. L. S. See p. xviii. [8]

Ver. Verna.
Versuch. See p. 192, ii.
Vesp. Vespasian.

W. M. S. See p. 735, ii.
Wackernagel: See p. 1230, ii.
Wes. H. Bk. Wesleyan Hymn Book.
Wetzel. See p. 1888, IL
Whitefield. See p. 332, i.
Wrangham. See p, 1596, ii.


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