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St. Abdela (Adela, Adla), 13th century. Princess of Bohemia. Abbess of Gerenrhoda. Half-sister of St. Agnes of Bohemia. Daughter of Premislaus Ottocar I., king of Bohemia (1198-1230), by his wife Abdela or Adela, daughter of Otto, margrave of Meissen. The queen was divorced, either on the ground of consanguinity or on account of her siding with her brother in a quarrel with the king. She then became a Cistercian nun at Wassenburg, in Meissen, leaving besides Abdela, two daughters and a son. Fabricius, Origines Saxonum, numbers St. Abdela among the saints of Saxony. Chanowski, Bohemia Pia. Dlugosch, Hist. Polonica, ii. 640. Palacky, Geschichte von Böhmen, ii., Genealogical Table.