A Dictionary of the Book of Mormon/Noah, City of

NOAH, CITY OF. One of the western cities of the Nephites, not far from Ammonihah. After destroying the latter city (B. C. 81), the Lamanites came around by the borders of Noah, slew a number and took many prisoners. These captives were afterwards liberated by the Nephite general, Zoram, and restored to their homes. This city was strongly fortified by Moroni, so that when the armies of Amalickiah attempted to carry it by assault (B. C. 73), being unable to force the gates, they endeavored to dig down the wall built by Moroni; but in this vain attempt they left more than a thousand dead and wounded in the ditch surrounding it, while the Nephites, had not one soldier slain, and only about fifty were wounded. (Alma, 49.)