A Dictionary of the Book of Mormon/Sariah

SARIAH. The wife of Lehi. She was the mother of six sons and some daughters, the number of the latter is not given in the Book of Mormon. But very little is said of Sariah in the sacred record; she is only mentioned by name five times, but we are of the opinion, from the incidental references made to her, that she did not possess very great faith in the mission of her husband, or in the fulfilment of his prophecies; she rather regarded him as a visionary man, who was leading her and her children into trouble and danger by his dreams and revelations, and consequently was prone to murmur when any difficulty arose. Four of her sons were grown to manhood when she left Jerusalem (B. C. 600), the other two were born during the little company's eight years' journey in the wilderness. When Sariah's daughters were born is very uncertain, they are not spoken of at the time their parents left Jerusalem, nor is their birth afterwards mentioned. We are told nine or ten years after the company's departure from the Holy City, when it was on the ocean, that Lehi and Sariah were well stricken with years, so we think it quite possible that Lehi's daughters were born at Jerusalem. This is made more probable when we remember that Nephi, the youngest of the four sons, would probably be about twenty years old when his younger brothers were born. It seems reasonable, when we consider the age of Sariah, that it was during this lapse of twenty years, and not later, that his sisters came into the world.

Of Sariah's birth and death we have no record, nor to what tribe of Israel she belonged. She lived to reach the promised land, and, being then aged and worn out by the difficulties and privations of the journey through the Arabian wilderness, very probably passed into her grave before her husband.