A First Series of Hymns and Songs/Descriptive Songs/The Hive-Bee

4. The Hive-Bee.

Child of patient industry,
Little active busy Bee:
For thou art out at early morn,
Just as op'ning flowers are born.

Thou on eager wing art flown,
Where the thyme grows on the down;
Or, where the cowslips hang their heads,
In the green and grassy meads.

Or to revel 'mid the broom,
Or the clover's crimson bloom;
Or by the hedge-rows, where the dew
Glitters on the harebell blue.

Sipping sweets from ev'ry flower,
Thou hast ne'er an idle hour:
Full well thou murm'rest, busy Bee,
Thy sweet Ode to Industry.