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A Handful of Pleasant Delights/A proper new Dity: Intituled Fie vpon Loue and al his lawes

A proper new Dity: Intituled Fie vpon Loue and al his lawes. To the tune of lumber me.

SVch bitter fruict thy loue doth yeelde,
Such broken sleepes, such hope vnsure,
Thy call so oft hath me beguilde.
That I vnneth can well indure:
But crie (alas) as I haue cause,
Fie vpon Loue and all his Lawes.

Like Piramus, I sigh and grone,
VVhom Stonie wals, keept from his loue,
And as the wofull Palemon,
A thousand stormes, for thee I prooue,
Yet thou a cruell Tigers whelpe,
All slaiest the hart, whom thou maist help.

A craggie Rocke, thy Cradle, was,
And Tigers milke sure was thy foode,
VVherby Dame Nature broought to passe,
That like the Nurse should be thy moode:
VVild and vnkinde, cruell and fell,
to rent the hart that loues thee well.

The Crocadile with fained teares,
The Fisher not so oft beguiles:
As thou hast luld my simple eares,
To here sweet words full fraught with wiles,
that I may say, as I do prooue,
VVo worth the time, I gan to loue.

Sith thou hast vowd to worke my wrack
And hast no will my wealth to way:
Farewell vnkinde, I will keepe backe,
Such toyes as may my helth decay:
and still will cry as I haue cause.
Fie vpon Loue and all his lawes.