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A Handful of Pleasant Delights/An answer as pretie to the scof of his Lady

An answer as pretie to the scof of his Lady,
by the yongman that came a wooing,
Wherein he doth flout her.
Being glad he went without her,
Misliking both her and her dooing.

ALas Loue, why chafe ye?
Why fret ye, why fume ye?
to me it seemeth verie strange,
Me thinks ye misuse me,
So soone to refuse me,
vnlesse you hope of better change:
Wel, wel:
Wel now, I perceiue ye,
You are mindful to leaue me:
Now sure it doth grieue me:
That I am vnworthie:
That I am vnworthie.

I mean not to let ye, nor I can not forget ye,
it wil not so out of my minde:
My loue is not daintie, I see you haue plenty
that set so little by your friend.
Goe too spin on now I pray you, I list not to stay,
I will goe play me:
I am vnfit for you, &c.

[¶]Leaue off to flout now, and prick on your clout now
you are a daintie Dame indeed,
And thogh of your taunting, I may make my vaunting
as bad or worse than I shal speed:
Sweet heart, though now you forsake it.
I trust you will take it:
and sure I spak[e] it, so fine as you make it, &c

[¶]Now wil I be trudging, without anie grudging
I am content to giue you ground:
Good reson doth bind me, to leue you behind me,
for you are better lost than found:
Go play, go seeke out Dame pleasure:
You are a trim treasure,
Wise women be daintie,
Of fooles there be plentie, &c.

If I might aduise ye, few words shuld suffice ye
and yet you shold bestow them wel:
Maids must be manerly, not ful of scurility,
wherein I see you do excel,
Farewel good Nicibicetur,
God send you a sweeter,
A lustie lim lifter, you are a trim shifter, &c.