A Handful of Pleasant Delights/The Printer to the Reader

The Printer to
the Reader.

YOu that in Musicke do delight
your minds for to solace:
This little booke of Sonets m[ight]
wel like you in that case,
Peruse it wel ere you passe by,
here may you wish and haue,
Such pleasant songs to ech new tune,
as lightly you can craue.
Or if fine Histories you would reade,
you need not far to seek:
Within this booke such may you haue,
as Ladies may wel like.
Here may you haue such pretie thinges,
as women much desire:
Here may you haue of sundrie sorts,
such Songs as you require.
Wherefore my friend, if you regard,
such Songs to reade or heare:
Doubt not to buy this pretie Booke,
the price is not so deare.