A Highland Regiment/Vale Atque Ave

IS it good-bye for ever
For us beneath the sun ?
The lads and girls go over,
With every girl a lover,
And never a lonely one,
But I shall see you never
Till all my days are done.

I could not read your letter,
I could not think it true,
Seeing the lands and hedges
And the long naked ridges
And skies serene and blue.
Though worse should come or better
I walk no more with you.

And I saw the winter weather
And the joyous days of spring.
In all the years before us
God knows what fate hangs o'er us,
What good or evil thing,
But we'll walk no more together
Whatever time may bring.

Love is not dead but sleeping,
Youth is not spent in vain.
Another hand will hold me,
And other arms enfold me.
To feel in every vein
The blood of youth go leaping ;
But you come not again.

You've gone, and with you flying
The grace of life is past.
And I go robbed and wanting
Till with a little panting
My labouring life ebbs fast,
And I look up in dying
And see you at the last.