A Naval Biographical Dictionary/Rice, Edward Bridges

RICE. (Lieutenant, 1844.)

Edward Bridges Rice entered the Navy in 1832; passed his examination 23 Nov. 1839; served as Mate on the Mediterranean, East India, and Home stations, in the Cyclops steamer, Capt. Horatio Thos. Austin, Dido 18, Capt. Hon. Henry Keppel, Pelican 16, Capt. Philip Justice, and St. Vincent 120, flag-ship of Sir Chas. Rowley; and obtained his commission 5 Aug. 1844. His appointments have since been – 5 Feb. 1845, for about 12 months, to the Rodney 92, Capt. Edw. Collier, attached to an experimental squadron employed under the orders of Rear-Admirals Hyde Parker and Sir Sam. Pym – 14 Oct. 1846, to the Thetis 46, Capt. Henry John Codrington, fitting at Portsmouth – and, 30 Dec. following, to the Vanguard 80, Capts. Geo. Wickens Willes and Geo. Fred. Rich, now in the Mediterranean.