A Proclamation for the Discovery and Apprehending of Charls Stuart

A Proclamation for the Discovery and Apprehending of Charls Stuart, 10 September (1651)
Parliament of England
1305306A Proclamation for the Discovery and Apprehending of Charls Stuart, 10 September1651Parliament of England

By the Parliament.



Discovery and Apprehending of CHARLS STUART, and other Traytors his Adherents and Abettors.

WHereas CHARLS STUART Son to the late Tyrant, with divers of the English and Scotish Nation, have lately in a Trayterous and Hostile maner with an Army invaded this Nation, which by the Blessing of God upon the Forces of this Commonwealth have been defeated, and many of the chief Actors therein slain and taken prisoners; but the said Charls Stuart is escaped: For the speedy Apprehending of such a Malicious and Dangerous Traytor to the Peace of this Commonwealth, The Parliament doth straightly Charge and Command all Officers, as well Civil as Military, and all other the good People of this Nation, That they make diligent Search and Enquiry for the said Charls Stuart, and his Abettors and Adherents in this Invasion, and use their best Endeavors for the Discovery and Arresting the Bodies of them and every of them; and being apprehended, to bring or cause to be brought forthwith and without delay, in safe Custody before the Parliament or Councel of State, to be proceeded with and ordered as Justice shall require; And if any person shall knowingly Conceal the said Charls Stuart, or any his Abettors or Adherents, or shall not Reveal the Places of their Abode or Being, if it be in their power so to do, The Parliament doth Declare, That they will hold them as partakers and Abettors of their Trayterous and Wicked Practices and Designs: And the Parliament doth further Publish and Declare, That whosoever shall apprehend the person of the said Charls Stuart, and shall bring or cause him to be brought to the Parliament or Councel of State, shall have given and bestowed on him or them as a Reward for such Service, the sum of One thousand pounds; And all Officers, Civil and Military, are required to be aiding and assisting unto such person and persons therein. Given at Westminster this Tenth day of September, One thousand six hundred fifty one.

Wednesday the Tenth of September. 1651.

ORdered by the Parliament, That this Proclamation be forthwith Printed and Published.

Hen. Scobell, Cleric. Parliamenti.

London, Printed by John Field, Printer to the Parliament of England. 1651.