A Short Account of the Family of Ormsby of Pittsburgh/Subscription

A Short Account of the Family of Ormsby of Pittsburgh  (1892)  by Oliver Ormsby Page
Subscription List



Mrs. James Buchanan Breese.
Mrs. Clarence Preston Eyre.
Mrs. William McKnight. (2)
Miss Jane Ormsby Phillips.
Miss Sarah Ormsby Phillips.
Mrs. William Morgan Watson.
Mr. Augustus Phillips Burgwin.
Mr. George Collinson Burgwin.
Mr. John Harding Page Hughart.
Mr. James Laughlin, Junr.
Hon. Joseph Kay McCammon.
Mr. Wharton McKnight.
Mr. Joseph Gazzam Ormsby.
Mr. Oliver Harrison Ormsby.
Mr. Benjamin Page.
Mr. John Harding Page.
Mr. Clifton Wharton Phillips.
Mr. Duncan Clinch Phillips. (3)
Mr. Henry Asher Phillips.
Dr. Joseph Augustus Phillips.
Mr. Oliver Ormsby Phillips.
Mr. Charles Gustavus Roebling. (3)
Mr. Clifton Wharton.
Mr. Clifton Wharton, Junr.
Mr. George Washington Wharton.
Carnegie Free Library, Allegheny, Pa.
Penna. Historical Society, Philadelphia.