A catalogue of notable Middle Templars, with brief biographical notices/Bayley, Sir Edward Clive


Indian Statesman.


Admitted 25 January, 1855.

Only son of Edward Clive Bayley, merchant, of St. Petersburg. He was educated at Haileybury, entered the Bengal Civil Service, became Deputy Commissioner of the Punjab in 1849, and, later, Under Secretary to the Indian Government. He was called to the Bar 12 June, 1857. He subsequently held other important offices, and finally became a Member of the Supreme Council, in which he served till his retirement in 1878. He was learned in the history and antiquities of India, and contributed several papers to the Journals of the Bengal Asiatic Society and the Royal Asiatic Society, besides assisting his friend, Sir H. Elliot, in the compilation of his History of India. He was knighted with the Star of India in 1877. He died 30 April, 1884.