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Abderraouf Jdey letter about life in Canada

In the name of Allah the Most Merciful the Compassionate

I am your brother ‘Abd Al-Raouf Bin Al-Habib Bin Yousef Al-Jaddi, born in 1965 in Tunisia and residing in Canada since December 8, 1991.

Before traveling to Canada, I earned a degree in technological architectural engineering and worked in the architectural engineering sector. Afterwards, I migrated to Canada for higher studies.

When I arrived in Canada, I searched for work. I found many job opportunities, but the most important were closed. Others were dirty jobs reserved for immigrants. The social and economical life in North America is a jungle governed by ferocious beasts, represented by Jews and their allies.

After a period of time, I came to my senses and decided to go back to school. I enrolled in the University of Quebec in Montreal to study geology. I spent four years in the school, and at the end I received a degree in physiography. I grew up in a contradictory environment ruled by the modern political current which calls for economic development. The French occupation left countries underdeveloped and in poverty, as was the case with other Muslim countries. This political direction was adopted by Arab politicians who graduated from western schools. They ruled in the Arab countries. Tunisia was one of these countries, which adopted this principal during the post colonization period. But Tunisia’s attempts failed, and the results were catastrophic to the nation. This political ideology has bad Masonic, Jewish and Crusaders’ hidden intentions. They groomed, educated and guided Arab politicians towards disastrous policies. In the beginning, my interests were focused on Western liberal political ideology and modern political experiences, especially the federalism experiences. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any interest in Islamic intellect or history. This was due to the lack of Islamic science references, except for the few that the brothers provided of educational and ethical books which don’t necessarily deal with the reality of the nation.

Hence, we see the importance of Islamic cultural resources and the spreading of Da’awa books, and inciting people to return to Islam, the religion of justice. Afterwards, I became more concerned with the painful human reality that led to the degradation of moral and spiritual values, and the cause of severe economic crises and ugly wars. Moving from this reality, I became very interested in studying human history and social sciences. I had a clear idea about the degrading human reality, and the existence of a single political leader dominating the entire humanity.

The Jewish media is still covering up the human realities and catastrophes, and claims that the crises are temporary and have no influence on the social life and future of humanity. They used all the media resources to mislead the people and to suppress facts so the oppressed will not know them. The origin of these catastrophes is the human relation with the universe and the nature of its existence. This subject will take a long time to explain, but the Jewish intellect hid all of these facts and assigned them deceiving intellectual formulas which did not lead to solutions. Man is the main element in this universe, and nature impels him to play a different role than other creatures. The role of man in this universe is to think about the universe and obey the Almighty creator. That’s why it is human nature to pray and obey the Almighty Allah. That is all I can say in this regard. Most importantly, the Koran explained to me the role of man in the universe.

The bitter reality of humanity paved the way for me to understand the Koranic texts, where I found the truth. All human resources are incapable of explaining the role of man in this universe.

The road I traveled to discover this truth was difficult, but thank Allah for saving me and guiding me on the right path. In Islam, I found incomparable blessings and peace, especially after I joined Jihad for the cause of Allah. No one knows the value of this blessing except he who tasted the Jahiliya.

Your brother: ‘Abd Al-Araouf Al-Jaddi

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