Accession Declaration Act 1910

Accession Declaration Act 1910 c.29 10 Edw 7 and 1 Geo 5

An Act to alter the form of the Declaration required to be made by the Sovereign on Accession. [3rd August 1910]

Alteration of form of accession declaration.

1. Alteration of form of accession declaration.The declaration to be made, subscribed, and audibly repeated by the Sovereign under section one of the Bill of Rights and section two of the Act of Settlement shall be that set out in the Schedule to this Act instead of that referred to in the said sections.

Short title.

2. Short title. This Act may be cited as the Accession Declaration Act 1910.


I [here insert the name of the Sovereign] do solemnly and sincerely in the presence of God profess, testify, and declare that I am a faithful Protestant, and that I will, according to the true intent of the enactments which secure the Protestant succession to the Throne of my Realm, uphold and maintain the said enactments to the best of my powers according to law.


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