Ah! minha Dinamene! Assim deixaste

"Ah! minha Dinamene! Assim deixaste"

Then couldst thou leave, ah Dinamene mine!
One who could never leave the will to sue thee,
That now, gent Nymph! these eyne may ne'er review thee?
Why thus despised life so soon resign?

How couldst abandon for eternal syne
One who to lose thee did so far pursue thee?
And had this Main such might that it withdrew thee
From ever seeing him so doomed to pine?

Not e'en allowed me Death dour and dure
To speak thee, thou thyself the sable veil
Consentedst o'er thine eyes by Doom be thrown.

O Sea! O Sky! O my sad lot obscure!
What life can lose I that shall much avail,
If cheap I hold it in such woes to wone!