All These Things Added


In seeking for pleasures here and rewards hereafter men have destroyed (in their hearts) the Temple of Righteousness, and have wandered from the Kingdom of Heaven. By ceasing to seek for earthly pleasures and heavenly rewards, the Temple of Righteousness is restored and the Kingdom of Heaven is found. This truth is for those who are ready to receive it; and this book also is for those whose souls have been prepared for the acceptance of its teaching.

James Allen


Note: All These Things Added was originally made up of two parts, that were later published as separate books. This links to both of those parts as individual titles.

  1. Part I: Entering the Kingdom
    1. The Soul’s Great Need
    2. The Competitive Laws and The Law of Love
    3. The Finding of a Principle
    4. At Rest in The Kingdom and All Things Added
  2. Part II: The Heavenly Life
    1. The Divine Centre
    2. The Eternal Now
    3. The "Original Simplicity"
    4. The Unfailing Wisdom
    5. The Might of Meekness
    6. The Righteous Man
    7. Perfect Love
    8. Perfect Freedom
    9. Greatness and Goodness
    10. Heaven in the Heart