American Medical Biographies/Bleyer, Julius Mount

Bleyer, Julius Mount (1859–1915)

Julius Mount Bleyer, specialist in electrotherapeutics and diseases of the nose, throat and lungs, was born at Pilsen, Austria, March 16, 1859, son of Samuel and Sophia Bleyer; with his parents he came to the United States in 1868. He was a student at the University of Prague two years and received his medical degree at Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New York, in 1883. The Central University of Indiana gave him an LL. D. in 1896. He began to practise in New York in 1883 and remained there all his life.

He was a member of the New York Medico-Legal Society and used his influence to secure the adoption of a new method to end the lives of criminals, assisting in devising the death chair for electrocution. He was Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and Surgery, Naples, Italy; Anthropological Society of Italy; Laryngological Society and Electrical Society (Paris); National Academy Medicine (Mexico). He was consulting specialist for the Metropolitan Opera Company.

In 1884 he married Rose Floersheim of New York. Dr. Bleyer died at his home in New York, April 3, 1915.

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