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American Medical Biographies  (1920) 
Bond, Thomas Emerson (1782–1856)

Bond, Thomas Emerson (1782–1856)

Thomas Emerson Bond was born in Baltimore in 1782. He was a founder of the College (1807), resigning the next year, and moving to the country because of ill-health. In 1812 he was a surgeon of cavalry in Harford County, Maryland. Bond's title of M.D. was bestowed by an act of assembly of the Maryland legislature, at the same time that the degree was given to John Shaw and William Donaldson, the only instance of the sort on record (Cordell). He received the honorary degree of M.D. from the University of Maryland in 1819, and the degree of D.D.; he was a local preacher in the Methodist Episcopal Church.

He practised medicine in Baltimore, and was professor in the Washington Medical College (1832–34); president of the Board of Health, Baltimore, and of the Board of Trustees, Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, 1839.

In 1830–31 he edited The Itinerant and in 1840–52, edited The Christian Advocate and Journal (New York).

He was called "Defender of the Church," a title given because of his zeal and conspicuous ability.

He died in New York March 14, 1856.

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