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American Medical Biographies/Brown, Gustavus (1744–1801)

Brown, Gustavus (1744–1801)

This physician was the grandson of the emigrant Dr. Gustavus Brown, Sr. (q.v.). He was the son of Rev. Richard Brown, a minister of the Anglican Church, and a nephew of Dr. Gustavus Richard Brown. He was born at Morningside, near Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1744, and after studying medicine at that university for seven years, received his M. D. in 1770. His name appears in the catalogue of graduates as "Brown, Gust. Brit. De Cynanche Phlogistica, 1770." He came to America shortly after in company with several of his fellow students, and settled in St. Mary's County, Maryland. In 1782 he attended one of these, Dr. Ireland, and the illness proving fatal, married his widow. This lady was the only child of Col. John Reeder, an officer of the Revolution, and of a Huguenot family settled in Maryland since 1736. Her estate was called "Summerseat," and she is said to have been very rich. There the doctor settled down and practised until his death, July 3, 1891, at the age of fifty-six. He had no children.

Dr. Brown practised with great success and had the honor of being called to attend Gen. Washington by Drs. Craik, Dick and Gustavus R. Brown. Receiving the summons at midnight, he mounted his horse and hastened towards Mt. Vernon, but on reaching Long Bridge he learned of the patient's death and turned back. The hastily-written summons, together with other relics, was destroyed by fire at the old homestead in 1874.

To him, through his father, descended by entail the Scotch estate. His remains were interred in the Reeder burial ground at West-field, St. Mary's county, and his tombstone bears an inscription highly commendatory.