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American Medical Biographies/Brown, James

Brown, James (1854–1895)

James Brown was born in Baltimore, Nov. 12, 1854, the son of Thomas R. Brown and Mary Elizabeth Hynson. Educated at Carey's School, he went to the University of Maryland for his medical degree, received in 1875. He was a resident physician of Bayview Hospital, Baltimore, and later assumed charge of the Genito-Urinary Dispensary in the Johns Hopkins Hospital at its opening in 1889.

In 1893–4 he was lecturer and in 1894–5 associate in genito-urinary surgery at the Johns Hopkins University.

On June 9, 1893, Brown catheterized the male ureter during life for the first time.

He was married, first, to Amanda Bechtel, and, second, to Imogene Bechtel; they had two children.

He died of tuberculosis June 16, 1895, in Boston, whither he had gone by water from Baltimore.

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