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American Medical Biographies  (1920) 
Hunt, Ebenezer Kingsbury

Hunt, Ebenezer Kingsbury (1810–1889).

Ebenezer K. Hunt, of Hartford, Connecticut, son of Eleazer and Sybil Pomeroy Hunt, was born in Coventry, in that state, August 26, 1810, and died in Hartford, May 2, 1889. He was descended from Jonathan Hunt, one of the early settlers of Northampton, Massachusetts; was educated in the schools of Middletown, Connecticut and Amherst, Massachusetts, and graduated from Yale College in 1833. He taught for a year in Munson Academy, Massachusetts, was a private tutor in Natchez, Mississippi, spent a summer in the office of Dr. Samuel White in Hudson, New York and took his M. D. at the Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, in 1838.

After starting practice in Ellenville, New York, he removed to Hartford, Connecticut, and there spent the rest of his life. For thirty years Dr. Hunt was a director of the Hartford Retreat for the Insane and for forty years was one of the medical visitors to that institution besides serving as acting superintendent on three occasions. He was a member of the state commission to make provision for the criminal insane and on the commission to erect new buildings for the state prison at Wethersfield. For twenty-five years he was physician to the American Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb; he co-operated in establishing the Hartford Hospital and was on its consulting staff. Another interest was the establishing of the Hartford Medical Society; twice Dr. Hunt was president of the Connecticut State Medical Medical Society. In 1848 he translated Esquirol on insanity with annotations; he wrote biographical sketches and papers for the medical journals. The Hartford Medical Society built the "Hunt Memorial Building" in his memory in 1889 from plans prepared by McKim, Mead and White, near Dr. Hunt's home, the building containing a library, an assembly room and laboratories for research work.

Dr. Hunt married Mary Crosby in 1848 and they had four children.

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