An Account of a Savage Girl, Caught Wild in the Woods of Champagne/Appendix VIII


Memoirs of North America; or, the continuation of the Baron La Hontan's travels, Tome II. P. 42. and 43. of the Dutch edition.

THE flying squirrels are of the size of a large rat, and of a whitish grey colour. They are called flying, on account of their passing from one tree to another by the help of a peculiar skin, which stretches out like a wing, when they take these small flights.

The seals, called by some people sea calves, are as large as a bull dog. They live almost constantly in the water, and never go far from the sea side. These animals creep more than they walk. Their head is shaped like that of an otter; and their feet resemble those of a goose, but they have no legs. They frequent the cold countries, &c.