An Ainu–English–Japanese Dictionary/Y

Y ().

Ya, (Japanese characters) part. This particle is often used at the end of a sentence to express interrogation; but when used after an answer to a question it becomes an affirmative particle, the difference in meaning being indicated by the tone of voice. Thus:—Oman ya? "has he gone," Oman ya "he has gone."
Ya, (Japanese characters). post. Whether. Or.
'Ya………ya, (Japanese characters). post. Whether………or. As:—Tambe ne ya, nei ambe ne ya? nu yan, "ask whether it is thisor that." Anukarape hene ya-wendarap hene ya, ku eramushkari, "I do not know whether it was a thing seen (vision) or a dream."

Ya, (Japanese characters). n. A net. As:—Ya amba, "the floats attached to a fish net." Ya shittu, "the meshes of a net." Ya oshke, "to net." Ya tambushi, "to mend a net." Ya ereba, "to set a net in the sea." Ya turuba, to set a net from the seashore.
Ya, (Japanese characters). n. Land, (as opposed to sea). A high rock. As:—Ya peka ek a, rep peka ek a? "did you come by land or sea?" Ya sosh, "strata or layers of earth."
Yachi, (Japanese characters). n. A swamp. Syn: Opuruse-i.
Yachi-an, (Japanese characters). adj. Muddy. Swampy.
Yai, (Japanese characters). reflex. pro. Self. This word is only used as a compound. As: —Yai-raige, "to kill one's self."; "to commit suicide."

Yai, (Japanese characters). exclam. An exclamation used in calling to a person to attract attention. Ho! As:—Yai ek! "ho come."?

Yaiamkire, (Japanese characters). v.i. To know.

Yaian, (Japanese characters) adj. Independent. Of one's self.

Yai-arakare, (Japanese characters) v.i. To hurt one's self. As:—Nei no e ki chiki e yai arakare nangoro gusu, iteki ki yan, "do not do so for you will probably hurt yourself if you do."

Yaiashin, (Japanese characters). v.i. To come out of one's self.

Yaiashish, v.t. To avert. To ward eff.

Yaiateraige, v.i. To hang one's self.

Yaiattasa, or Yaiyattasa, v.t. To give in return for something received. To recompense. To requite. To punish. As : — Aikorep an gusu yaiattasa ku ki na, " I will recompense him for his gift." Nei no okai wenbe en otta e ki gusu, ku yaaitasa ku ki kusu ne na, " I will requite you for doing such evil things to me."

Yaiattasap, n. A recompense.

Yaichepekote, v.i. To die of hunger. Syn : Yaikemekote. Kem-ekot

Yaichinane, v.i. To make water. To urinate.

Yaichishte, v.t. To mourn for the dead. To bewail the dead.

Yaichishte-guru, n. A mourner.

Yaieashkaire, v.t. To learn. Syn : Eyai-hannokkara.

Yaieashpa, To forget one's own faults especially when remembering or speaking of those of others. As : —Iteki yaieashpa toan wen guru ! "you bad person, do not forget your own faults I " (Lit: — To be deaf to one's self.

Yaieattarashi, v.i. To be indifferent. Regardless. Careless. Syn : Rengaine iki.

Yaiehororose, v.i. To stir one's self up to do anything. (Lit : to set one's self at).

Yai-eihok-guru, n. A harlot. (Lit: a self seller). Syn: Yai eiyok guru.

Yaieinukuri, v.i. To be diffident about something.

Yaietunnap, v.t. To envy. To be jealous of another.

Yaieiwangere, v.t To minister. To serve another. Syn : Shieiwangeyara.

Yaiekatuwen, v.t. To insult. To treat with disrespect. Syn: Yaika-tuwen.

Yaiekeshui, v.i. To lose hope.

Taiekimatek, v.i. To suffer pain. To be very ill. To be in trouble. To fear."

Yaiekimatekbe, n. Sufferings. Troubles.

Yaiekoramkoro, v.t To ask a favour.

Yaekote, v.t. To do. As : — Tu chish wenbe yaiekote, " she wept very bitterly." Syn : Yaiyekote.

Yaieku-suri-kara, v.t. To doctor one's self.

Yaiekush, v.i. To be disappointed.

Yaienichitne, adj. and v.i. To be incapable through illness. To be of a weakly disposition.

Yaieopushpe-ye-yara, v.i. To give an account of one's self.

Yaiepase, v.t. To be pregnant. To be with child. Syn: Honkoro.

Yaiepirika, v.i. and adj. Blessed. To have gained. To be fortunate.

Yaiepirika-ambe, n. Gain. Profit.

Yaieipipika-i, or Yaiepirikap, n. Gain. Profit.

Yaiepirikare, v.t. To gain. To get profit.

Yaiepirikarep, n. Gain. Profit.

Yaierampoken, v.i. To be disappointed.

Yaiesanniyo, v.i. To be rich. To be careful over one's property. As : — Yaiesanniyo guru, " a rich or careful person." Syn: Nishpa ne guru.

Yaiesanniyorire, adj. and v.t. High-minded. Syn : Yaikeutum-karire.

Yaieshikorap, v.t. and adj. Incapable through illness. To be of a weakly disposition. As: — Yaie- shikorap ki, "to become ill and incapable." "To become weakly." Syn: Yaienichitne.

Yaieshinniukesh, adj. Poor. Destitute. Syn: Irapokkari.

Yaieshirepa, v.t. To coax. To rub one's cheeks against another as children in affection.

Yaieshiwende, v.i. To be pregnant.

Yaietaye, v.i. To draw one's self out, as out of a hole.

Yaietokye, v.i. To boast of what one is going to do.

Yaietushiri-kara, (Japanese characters), v.t. To dig one's own grave.
Yaietushtek, (Japanese characters), v.i. To abuse one's self.
Yaiewen, (Japanese characters), adj. Humble. Poor. Lame. Crippled. Syn: Hera
Yaiewende, (Japanese characters), v.t. To lose as in a bargain. To waste. As:—Korobe yaiewende, "to suffer the loss of one's goods." Syn: Koshini.
Yaiewendere, (Japanese characters), v.i. To cause to lose. To make lose, as in a bargain.
Yaieyashitoma, (Japanese characters), v.i. To feel out of place. To feel out of sympathy with one's surroundings.
Yaiibere-wa-rai, (Japanese characters), v.i. To poison ones' self.
Yaihaitare, (Japanese characters), v.t. To avoid. To cause to miss. To dissent. Syn: Yaikopashte.
Yaihumshu, (Japanese characters), n. An accident. As:—Yaihumshu kara gusu rai, "he died through meeting with an accident." Syn: Nikuru.
Yaihumshu-wa, (Japanese characters), adv. Accidentally.
Yaiikire, (Japanese characters), v.t. To blaspheme. To act wickedly. To mock. Syn: Yai-tombuni. Irara.
Yaiikire-no, (Japanese characters), adv. Alone. As:—Yaiikire no apkash, "To walk alone."
Yaiikire-no-an-guru, (Japanese characters), n. A recluse. A person living alone.
Yaiimine-no, (Japanese characters), v.i. To be dressed in. As:—Kunne kosonde yaiimine no utom-chiure guru, "a person dressed in black garments."
Yaiipokashka, (Japanese characters), v.i. To make one's self ugly."
Yaiiraige, (Japanese characters), or Yaiirai-gere, (Japanese characters), adv. ph. Thank you.
Yaiiraige-an, (Japanese characters), v.i. To be thankful.
Yaiiraige-an-keutum-koro, (Japanese characters), v.i. To be grateful. To be thankful.
Yaiiraige-ki, (Japanese characters), v.t. To thank. To express thanks.
Yaiiraige-koro, (Japanese characters), adv. Thankfully.
Yaiisam, (Japanese characters), v.i. To dwindle away. To come to nought.
Yaiisamka, (Japanese characters), v.i. To commit suicide. To absent one's self.
Yaiitasasa, (Japanese characters), v.i. To hurt one's self. Syn: Yaiiuninka. Yaiarakare.

Yaiiuninka, v.i. To meet with an accident To hurt one's self. Syn : Yaiitasasa, Yaiarakare.

Yaikahawashpa, v.i. To talk to one's self.

Yaikamui, n. A demon.

Yaikane, n. Lead. As : — Yaikane ikayop, " quivers ornamented with lead."

Yaikannama-wa-hoshipi, v.i. To turn back to say or do something one has forgotten.

Yaikaobiuki, v.i. To help or save one's self.

Yaikaokuima, v.i. To wet one's bed.

Yaikaomare, v.t. To confess. To own to.

Yaikara, v.t. To assume. To imitate. To do. As :— Chikap ne yaikara, " to imitate a bird."

Yaikarakarasere, v.i. To roll one's self, as an animal.

Yaikaramu, To be diffident. To dislike to go to a place.

Yaikarap, v.i. To apologize. To beg pardon.

Yaikata, n. Dread.

Yaikata, or Yaikota, per. pro. One's self. One's own. As: — Yaikata nep ki, " one's own work or business."

Yaikata, adv. Individually. For one's self.

Yaikatchipi, n. Same. As; — Yai-katshipi.

Yaikatan, adj. Ashamed. Diffident.

Yaikatanu, adj. Polite. "Well behaved. Syn : Yaioripakka an. Oripak an. Also " to honour " or " respect," " to esteem."

Yaikateaikap, v.i. To be troubled about. To feel concern. To feel compunction.

Yaikateaikapte, v.i. To feel diffident. To feel ashamed.

Yaikatekara, v.t. To yearn after. To long for. To feel anxious about. As : — A poho nukan rusui wa yaikatekura ku ki na, "I desire to see my child and feel anxious about it."

Yaikatekarap, n. Anxiety.

Yaikatshipi, v.i. To return to life. To revive. To regain one's health or fortune. Syn : Hetopo shik-nu.

Yaikatshipire, v.t. To raise to life. To revive.

Yaikatuwen, v.i. To feel ashamed. To have been put out of countenance. Syn: Nanu-isam. Yainikoroshma.

Yaikeshnukara, v.i. To feel con- cerned about. To be troubled about. To feel anxious.

Yaikeuhumshu, v.i. To meet with an accident. Syn: Yaihumshu.

Yaikeokoro, v.i. To be in great straits. To be in difficulties. To be very tired. As :­- Yaikeukoro koro sap, "he has been made very tired indeed."

Yaikeurura, v.i. To jeopardize one's self.

Yaikeururare, v.t. To jeopardize. To bring into danger.

Yaikeutumkarire, v.i. and adj. To be foolish. Syn : Yaiesanniyorire.

Yaikentum-oihunara, v.i. To think out for one's self.

Yaikeutum-oshitchiure, v.i. To restrain one's self. To persevere.

Yaikiki, v.i. To scratch one's self.

Yaikimatekka, v.i. To be in a hurry.

Yaikipte, adj. and v.i. Dangerous. To be careful.

Yaikiptep, n. A dangerous thing.

Yaikiru, v.i. To turn one's self, as when sleeping.

Yaikirukuru, v.i. To wallow. Syn: Hota-hota.

Yaikoan-ainu, n. A bachelor.

Yaikoan-guru, n. A bachel- or. A spinster.

Yaikoan-mat, n. A spinster.

Yaikoan-no, adv. By one's self. By itself. By himself. By herself.

Yaikoanu, v.t. To put on one side. To place by themselves, as a child or one's clothes.

Yaikoatcha, v.i. and adj. Dirty. Sloven. Filthy. Wasteful.

Yaikochipkuta, v.t. To turn a boat over. To upset a boat. Syn: Chip koupshi.

Yaikoechupu, v.t. To cover one's self up with clothes. To wrap one's clothes around one.

Yaikoechupchupu, v.i. To wrap one's clothes about the person. To cover one's self up with clothes.

Yaikoeshina, v.i. To keep secret.

Yaikoirushkare, v.t To annoy. To weary out.

Yaikokanu, v.i. To think. To consider.

Yaikokarakara, v.t. To have. To hold. To possess.

Yaikokatpak, v.t. and n. To repent. Compunction.

Yaikokishma, v.i. To hug. To embrace. Syn: Yaiturashte.

Yaikokotukbare, v.i. To join one's self to.

Yaikonere, v.t To cast one's young. Syn : Honyaku.

Yaikoniukesh, v.t. To be unable. To dislike to do. To do with difficulty.

Yaikonoye, v.i. To wear, as clothes. Syn : Am-ip mi.

Yaikonrusui, v.t. To desire for one's self.

Yaikookere, v.i. To wane. To come to an end.

Yaikooknatara, v.i. To mourn. To grieve. To be down-hearted. To have lost courage.

Yaikooniwen, v.i. To be hypocritical. Syn: Kashi-oniwen.

Yaikooriknere, v.t. To drink up.

Yaikopash, v.t. To lean against. To be set against.

Yaikopashte, v.t. To trust. To lean against. As : — Kamui irenga yaikopashte, " to trust one's self to God."

Yaikopumba, or Yaikopuni, v.t and v.i. To send forth, as the voice. To rise up.

Yaikopuntek, v.i. and adj. To be glad. Joyful.

Yaikorampatkire, v.i. and adj. To be forgetful. Syn: Ioira.

Yaikorange, v.t. To shed. To send down. As: — Tu peken nupe yaikorange, "she shed two bright tears" i.e. "she wept bitterly" (found only in legends and songs).

Yaikorapte, v.t. To shed, as tears. To send down. Pl. of Yaikorange.

Yaikore, v.i. To have. To be. To become. As : — Imshka keutum yaikore, "she was angry."

Yaikorobe, n. One's own business. As: — Yaikorobe ki, " to attend to one's own business."

Yaikoropiki, v.i. To think a thing out. To find out by one's self Syn : Yaikeutum oihunara.

Yaioruki, v.t. To swallow.

Yai-koruaha, v.t. To have mercy upon.

Yaikorushka, v.i. To feel disgusted. To be in sorrow. Syn : Ok.

Yaikosange. v.t. To bear. To bring forth, as young.

Yaikoshaye, v.t. To buckle on. To wind round as a belt or band.

Yaikoshikarimba, v.i. To turn round. To turn one's self round.

Yaikoshina, v.t To tie round one's self.

Yaikoshiramse, v.t. To think. To consider. To set one's mind on.

Yaikoshiramse-i, n. A thought. A consideration.

Yaikoshiramshuiba, «.(. To consider. To think.

Yaikoshunge, v.i. To deceive one's self.

Yaikota, or Yaikata, per. pro. One's self. One's own.

Yaikota, or Yaikata, adv. Individually. For one's self.

Yaikomekare-aep, n. Cud.

Yaikotcha-kara, v.i. To be stingy.

Yaikotcha-kara-guru, S.». A miser. A stingy person.

Yaikotchaotte, v.i. To precede.

Yaikotomka, v.t. To desire. To wish for. To desire to obtain. To be pleased. To be happy. To desire in marriage. To be bettered. To be better for.

Yaikotuima-shiramshuye, ph. To think over quietly.

Yaikotukkare, v.i. To side with.

Yaikowayashnu, v.i. To be wise in one's own conceits.

Yaikoyupu, v.t. To fasten. To tie as hat strings. To fasten on. As: — Kasa rantu-pepi yaikoyupu, " to tie the strings of a hat."

Yaikurukata, adv. By one own exertions.

Yaikush, v.i. and adj. Ashamed. To be ashamed. Syn: Yashitoma.

Yaikushkare, v.t. To make ashamed. To abase. To degrade.

Yaimechiure, v.i. To have a relapse during convalescence.

Yaimemanka, v.i. To cool one's self.

Yaimire, v.i. To dress. To put on one's clothes.

Yaimonakte, f.i. To be on the alert. To be ready. To be prepared.

Yaimonasap, or Yaimosak, v.i. To be busy. To have business.

Yaimonoro-eyam-eaikap, v.i. To be unable to restrain one's self.

Yaimonpok-tushmak, v.t. To do in haste. To hurry in doing anything. As ; — Shuke yaimonpok-tushmak, "to cook quickly."

Yaimosak, or Yaimon-sak,v.i. To be busy. To be engaged.

Yaimukmuke, v.i. To cover up the person.

Yaimunkopoiba, or Yaimuntamashbare, v.i. To wander about, as when hiding from some enemy or danger.

Yainanka, n. One's own face. As : — Yainanka piruba, " to wipe one's own face."

Yainekonnakare, v.t. To make humble.

Yainenaine, adv. Of the same kind. As :— Yainenaine utomchiure, " to dreas in garments of the same kind."

Yaineusaraka, v.i. and n. To chat of ancient things. To tell stories.

Yaineusaraka-an, v.i. To go out for a walk and chat

Yaine-yaine, adv. Entirely. Quite.

Yai-ni, n. The poplar tree. Populus suaveolens, Fisch.

Yainikonnakare, or Yainikorooshma, v.i. To be ashamed. To be put out of countenance. Syn: Aiporosakka. Yaishito-ma. Yainekonnakare.

Yainino, n. Sea urchin.

Yainipesh, n. Maximowleziana, Shira-sawa

Yainomare, v.i. and adj. To be surprised. To be astonished. Astonishing, As : — Yainomare ta hau an ! " what an astonishing thing " ! Syn : Yainumare.

Yainonepta, or Yainnnepta, adv. By degrees. Gradually. As : — Yainonepta irushka, "he gradually became angry."

Yainonnenu, v.t. To pick the head, as when thinking deeply.

Yainu, v.i. To think. To consider.

Yainua-ambe, n. A thought.

Yainuchattek, adj. Happy. Merry. Joyful. Cheerful.

Yainuchattekke, v.t. To make joyful. To make happy.

Yainu-hi, n. A thought.

Yainu-humi, n. The state of the feelings as regards health. As : — Yainu humi wen, " I feel poorly." Yainu humi pirika, "I feel well."

Yainu-i, n. A thought.

Yainu-nashke, v.i. To apologize.

Yainuina, v.i. To hide one's self. To abscond.

Yainumare, v.i. and adj. To be surprised. To be astonished. Astonishing. Syn: Yaiomare.

Yainunepta, or Yai-nonepta, adv. By degrees. Gradually.

Yainunuke, v.i. To take great care of one's self. To rest as when ill.

Yainup, n. A thought.

Yainusaraka-ki, or Yaineu-saraka-ki, v.t. To tell stories. To speak of ancient things. To tell traditions.

Yainutumnu, v.i. To swoon away.

Yaiokapashtere, v.t. To amend, as one's ways.

Yaiokkainere, v.i. To exult. To triumph.

Yaiomanambe, v.i. To ramble about.

Yaiomare, v.i. To enter, as a town. (Lit: To put one's self in.)

Yaiomonnure, v.i. To boast. To glory in one's self.

Yaiorai adj. and v.i. To be humble. To be respectful.

Yaoiraika, v.i. To make one's self humble or respectful. Syn: Yaieori- pakka.

Yaioraire, v.i. To humble one's self. Syn: Yaishiwennere.

Yaiorampeshishte, v.i. To express sympathy towards.

Yaioraye, v.i. To go to.

Yaioshkuru, adj. Desire not to die. Syn: Rai kopan.

Yaiossereke, v.i. To be perplexed.

Yaiosshiwen, of Yaiyeosshiwen, v.i. To harm one's self.

Yaiosshiwen-keutum-koro, adj. To be possessed of a very bad disposition. Wicked. Bad.

Yaiotupekare, adj. Abstemious. Faithful. Saving. Stingy.

Yaiotapekare-no, adv. Abstemiously. Faithfully. Savingly.

Yaipakari, v.i. To commit suicide.

Yaipakashnu, v.i. To learn. To repent. Syn : Yaikokatpak.

Yaipaopichi, v.i. To be caught saying something one would rather not be heard by a third party.

Yaipapirushte-an, To be backward. To dread coming forward.

Yaipapirushte-sak-no, aciv. Fearlessly. With confidence. Syn: Utumkush sak no.

Yaiparaka-hok-guru, n. One who buys food for himself. To provide for one's self.

Yaiparakosai, v.i. To be selfish.

Yaipararoki, n. One well able to sustain himself.

Yaiparo-oshiribe, n. A person who talks nonsense.

Yaiparoshuiba-guru, n. A person who buys food for himself.

Yaiparaparu, or Yaiparuparu, v.i. To fan one's self.

Yaiparaparup, n. A fan. Syn: Aponki or Apunke.

Yaiparush, adj. Talkative. Loquacious. By some "to be greedy."

Yaipauchire, v.i. To poison one's self.

Yaipasere, v.i. To be with child.

Yaipaye, v.i. To let out (as one's thoughts) by mistake.

Yaipekap, v.t. To grasp at.

Yaipekare, v.i. To pass in or out. To go through, as through a doorway or window. To sally forth.

Yaipokashte, v.t. To avoid. To dissent.

Yaipokishiri-karakara, v.i. To dress one's self as for a journey.

Yaipopkere, v.t. To warm one's self.

Yaiporo-isamka, v.i. To be put out of countenance. To be cast down. To be troubled.

Yairaige, v.t. To commit suicide.

Yairamande, v.i. To commit suicide. Syn: Yairaige.

Yairamatte, v.i. To be careful. To watch over one's self. To be circumspect. To be cautious. To pay attention.

Yairamattere, v.t. To mend one's ways« To cause to be circumspect.

Yairamchuptekka, v.i. To feel lonely. Syn: Mishmu. Nishmu.

Yairamde, v.i. To curtesy.

Yairamhekomo, v.i. To be in anguish. To suffer pain. Syn : Ikoarakomo.

Yairamhekote, v.i. To keep one's self.

Yairamkikkara, v.i. To cease doing something.

Yairamkoiki, v.i. To be in sorrow. To be distressed. To be out of spirits.

Yairamkote, v.i. To remarry. (sing).

Yairamkotpa, v.t. To remarry. (pl).

Yairamkuru-shitotkere, v.i. To put forth renewed strength. To do with renewed energy.

Yairampekamama, v.i. To be dejected. To be in low spirits. Syn: Aun-kinra.

Yairampeutek-guru, n. A fool. An ignoramus. A worthless or bad person.

Yairampekash, v.i. To be sorrowful. To be downhearted. To be in low spirits.

Yairampokashte, v.i. To sit in sorrow, as a person upon the loss of a friend or relation. To be downhearted.

Yairamshitne, v.i. To suffer.

Yairamuatte, n. Same as Yairamatte, to be careful. To pay attention.

Yairamure, v.i and adj. Humble. Compassionate.

Yairamure, v.t To humble one's self. Syn: Yaitukareushte.

Yairamure-kunne, adj. Of a pleasant disposition.

Yairap, n. An ode.

Yairap, v.i. To meet with an accident.

Yairarire, v.t. To follow. To go after. As : — Seturu kashike yairarire, "he followed close behind him."

Yairat, v.t. To conceive. Syn: Honkoro.

Yairawere, v.i. One who talks of doing something but leaves it undone. Syn: Monrawere.

Yairenga, v.i. To be pleased. To rejoice. As: — Shi no ku yairenga, "I am very pleased"

Yairenga, v.i. To salute.

Yairengane, adv. With pleasure. Joyfully. Syn: Ikopuntek.

Yairiki-guru-pumba, v.i. To be lifted up upon the clouds or wind. To get up in a hurry. (pl).

Yairiki-guru-puni, v.i. To be lifted up upon the clouds or wind. To get up in a hurry, (pl).

Yairiki-pumba, v.i. To rise up. To be lifted up. (pl).

Yairiki-puni, v.i. To rise up. To be lifted up. (pl).

Yairikotte, v.i. To hang one's self. Syn: Yaiateraige. Yaiotusheotte.

Yairire, v.i. To reach up for anything. To stretch one's self. To be proud.

Yairiterite, v.i. To stretch bne's legs and arms. To take exercise, as after an illness. Syn: Yaikotande.

Yaisannyo, adj. Prudent.

Yaisambepokash, adj. Down hearted. Troubled. Pitiable.

Yaisambepokashte, v.t. To give trouble to. To render down hearted.

Yaisamne, adv. Merely. Without any special object. Never mind. It is nothing.

Yaisantapka, n. One's arms and shoulders. As: — Yaisantapka riterite, "to stretch" or "exercise one's arms and shoulders."

Yoisarama, adj. Proud. Boastful.

Yaishikakushte, ir4 >1}9 vir* ^ ;v (Sk:^ K5^). V.U To throw over one's self, as a garment.

Yaishikashke, v.i. To defend one's seIf against a charge.

Yaishimattarire, v.t. To leave. To cease. Syn: Shiokere.

Yaishinire, v.i. To rest. To retire. To go into retirement from active life.

Yaishinnaire, v.i. To separate one's self from.

Yaishinniukesh, adj. and v.i. To be humble. Lowly. To underrate one's own abilities. To be unable to do anything. Syn : Yaieshin-niukesh.

Yaishiporore, v.i. To persevere.

Yaishirushiru, v.i. To rub one's self.

Yaishitoma-shomoki, adj. Insolent.

Yaishitomkuru, v.i. To have attained to the age or size of. As : — Semokkaiyoram yaiahitomkuru, " to have attained to the age or size of manhood."

Yaishittekka, v.i. To curb one's self. To hold one's self in.

Yaishiwen, adj. Humble. Syn: Yaiorai.

Yaishiwennere, v.i. To humble one's self. Syn: Yaioraire.

Yaishukupka, v.i. To keep in memory, as a grudge. Never to forget or forgive.

Yaishukupkap, n. A grudge never forgotten or pardoned.

Yaitapapa, v.i. To lie down.

Yaitapkuruka, n. One's shoulders. As: — Yai- tapkuruka, riterite, "to exercise one's shoulders."

Yaitasapapare, v.i. To sigh. Syn : Tanne hesei ki.

Yaitektek, v.i. To make water. To urinate.

Yaito, n. Moxa. As: — Yaito omare, to apply moxa (Japanese).

Yaitobare, or Yaitu- bare, v.i. To be careful. To take care.

Yaitobare-no, or Yaitubare-no, adv. Carefully. With care.

Yaitobare-kuni-ita, n. A crisis. A time of danger.

Yaitobare-yan, v.i. imp. Be careful. Take care.

Yaitokoiki, v.i. To prepare. Syn: Yaieto- kooiki.

Yaitombuni, v.t To imitate. To mimic. To make fun of.

Yaitomte-kara, v.i. To adorn one's self.

Yaito-omare, v.t. To apply moxa.

Yaitopake, n. The •: Armpits.

Yaitubare, adv. Carefully. With care. Syn : Yaitobare.

Yaltukapte, To treat with respect. To do with decency.

Yaitukka, v.i. To grow up naturally.

Yaitumam, n. One's body. As : — Yaitumam ' karakara, " to tidy one's self up." Syn : Yaitumama.

Yaitumnu-anu, v.t. To inquire after one's health. As: — E oman wa yaitumnu anu, "go and inquire after his health."

Yaitumnunu, v.i. To feel better in health. To feel in better spirits. To revive after illness.

Yaitunashka, v.i. To be hasty. To be in a hurry.

Yaitunnap, v.t. To envy. To be jealous of. Syn : Yaiyeitunnap.

Yaitupekare, adv. Miserly. Covetously.

Yaitupok, n. The armpits.

Yaitura, adj. Alone.

Yaiturare, v.t. To go with. To accompany.

Yaiturashte, To hug. Syn : Yaikokishma.

Yaituriri, v.i. To stretch one's self out.

Yaiturukotachi, v.i. To make one's self dirty.

Yaituyetuye, v.i. To shake one's self. To brush one's self.

Yaituwashkara, v.i. To mourn. ,To grieve.

Yaituwashkarap, n. A grieving. A mourning.

Yaiukauka, v.t. To quilt for one's self.

Yaiunashi, v.i. To pound in a mortar by one's self See Utunashi. Ine- reyunashi. Autunashi. Reunashi.

Yaiunashke, v.i. To ask to be excused. To beg pardon.

Yaiupshoro-chari, v.i. To play the whore. To act the harlot.

Yaiupshoro-mukmuke, v.t. To cover up the chest. To draw one's clothes round one's self. Syn : Yainumatka seshke.

Yaiutaratuye, v.t. and v.i. To slay one's own friends. To run amuck.

Yaiusere, v.i. To come out of one's self, as a splinter from a wound.

Yaiwende-tope-ni, n. A kind of maple, Acer miyabei, Maxim.

Yaiwennukara, v.i. To despair. To be in great want. To feel discouraged.

Yaiyai, excl. An exclamation used in calling a person.

Yaiyainukoro, v.i. To be contented. Syn : Aiainukoro.

Yaiyainuwere, v.i. To be contented.

Yaiyaisusu, n. A kind of willow.

Yaiyan-kina, n. Reeds which grow on land.

Yaiyan-noya, n. Mugwart, Artemisia vulgaris, L.

Yaiyantop, n. A kind of bamboo. Sasa kurilensis, Mak. et Shib.

Yaiyapapu, or Yayopapu, v.t To beg pardon. To apologize. , To make a mistake.

Yaiyattasa, v.i. To give in return for some- thing received or done. Syn: Yaiattasa.

Yaiyeitunnap, v.i. To be jealous. To envy. Syn: Yaitunnap.

Yaiyekote, v.i. To do. As : — Tu chish wenbe yaiyekate, "she wept bitterly." (Lit, she did two bad weeps).

Yaiyekush, v.i. To be ashamed. Syn: Yashitoma

Yaiyenukuri, v.i. To dread. To fear. To be diffident.

Yaiyenukuri-no, adv. With fear or diffidence. Diffidently. As : — Iteki yaiyenukuri no ahun yan, " please enter without diffidence."

Yaiyepaweteshu, v.i. To bear witness against one's 8el£ To commit one's self.

Yaiyen-furep, n. Raspberry. Rubus I- dueus, L. var. nipponicus, Focke.

Yaiyeshikorap, v.i. To be wounded. Hurt. Syn : Euikuruki. Yaya- pushkere.

Yaiyetomkokanu, v.t. To trust in one's self To rely on one's self.

Yaiyeyashitoma, v.i. To be ashamed of one's self

Yaiyokapashte, v.t. To repent. To change one's life. v.i. To be contrite.

Yaiyomap, v.i. To be angry.

Yaiyomonnure, v.i. To be angry.

Yaiyukaukau, v.t. To mend.

Yaiyupupu, v.t. To exercise patience.

Yak, post. That. If. As :—Pet otta chep shiri eshik ne yak aye, "it is said that there are many fish in the river." Nei no ye yak wen ruwe ne, " if she says so, it is bad." Yak anak ne, " if." As : — Nei no an yak anak ne, pirika, " if it is so, well."

Yak, interj. Dear me. This word is expressive of disgust.

Yak, To break. To split. To burst. To knock. Syn: Yaku.

Yaka, v.t. To point at. Syn: Epeka.

Yakanak, excl. An exclamation of surprise specially used by women and children. Also. How be it.

Yakara-kina, n. Angelica refracta, Fr. Schm.

Yakara-kina, n. Angelica refracta, Fr. Schm. Also called Moshiu-kina.

Yak-aye, ph. It is said that. As : — Rai yak aye orushpe shomo ku nu, "I have not heard that he is dead."

Yaki, n. The cicada.

Yakka, post Although. Albeit. Though. If. Even if. Nevertheless.

Yakka yakka, post. Although......... and. Whether or. Both and. As : — Upas ash yakka, rera rui yakka, "although it snows and blows." Inne yukka, moyo yakka, " whether many or few." Kamui ne yakka, ainu ne yakka, "both gods and men."

Yakkai, post. The same as yakka, and akka.

Yaknatara, v.i. To be broken into fragments. To break into fragments.

Yak-ne, post If. If so.

Yaku, n. Tribute paid in furs or fish. A tax.

Yaku, v.i. To break. To burst. To be broken. To smash. Syn: Yak.

Yakun, conj. If. When. Though.

Yakura-shuma, n. A watch stone.

Yam, n. Chestnuts. As;— Yam kush, "chestnut burrs." Yam saye, "to thread chestnuts on a string for stowing away."

Yambe-sei, n. A snail.

Yam-ni, n. A chestnut tree. Castanea vulgaris. Lam. var. japonica, DC.

Yam-ni- karash, n. A kind of Polyporus which grows upon the decaying trunks of chestnut trees.

Yan, part. An imperative plural particle used after verbs. Imperative of the verb an, "to be." As : — Ariki yan, " come." Oman wa ye yan, " go and tell him." Yan is sometimes used in a singular sense also.

Yan, v.i. To ascend. To go up. As: — Wakka orowa no yan, " to ascend out of water."

Yange, v.t. To give to a superior. To offer up to the gods. To haul up, as a boat from a river. Thus: Chip yange, "to haul a boat a shore."

Yange-kunip, n. Offerings to the gods. Things given to a superior.

Yangere, irvyw, v.i. To send up. To cause to offer to the gods. To cause to give to a superior.

Yan-guru, n. Same as Ya-un-guru.

Yani, adv. Almost. Nearly. Syn : Yaani. Nanihungo.

Yani-yani, adv. Almost Nearly. Very nearly. Same as yani, but more intense.

Yanrash-kamu, n. Eczema universale.

Yanro, part. An imperative particle meaning "let us." As: — Paye yanro, " let us go." Syn : Anro.

Ya-oshke, v.i. To net. To make nets.

Yap, v. i. To ascend. To go up. Pl. of yan.

Ya-peka, adv. By land.

Yapoki-koro-chip, n. The skeleton of a boat or ship.

Yapte, v.t To send up. To cause to ascend. PI. of yange.

Yara, n. Rags. Syn: Yarape.

Yara, v.t. To tear. To rend.

Yara, n. A kind of basket made of bark.

Yara, n. The bark of trees sometimes used in thatching.

Yara, auxil. v. To do through another, as a superior through his subordinates. A particle expressing reverence to the object of a verb. As: — Niahpa otbe anu yara na, " I let the master know." Tak yara, "to send to fetch." Ronnu yara, " to send and kill." Kari asei yara-hi isam, "there is no one by whom to send it."

Yarage, n. A hole in. one's clothes.

Yaraka, v.t. To tear.

Yarape-ni, n. Guelder-rose. Viburnum Opulus, L.

Yarapeshit, n. Very ragged clothes.

Yarara, adj. Ragged.

Yarat, or Yairat, v.t. To conceive, Syn: Honkoro.

Yarui-chup, or Yaru-chup, n. The month of August

Yarupe, n. Clothes. Infants clothing.

Yaruru-chup, or Yarui-chup, n. The month of August.

Yasa, v.t. To tear.

Yasamge-no-an, adj. Alone. To be alone. Not to mix with others.

Yasara, v.t. To cause another to do. To get done.

Yasaske, v.i. To be rent, as rocks.

Yash, v.t. Todrag a net along in fishing.

Yashltoma, v.i. To be ashamed.

Yashitomare, v.t. To make ashamed. To abash.

Yashitukkari, n. Spinal disease. Paralyaia. Myelitis. Syn: Ikkeu kamui koro tashum.

Yashiya, n. A haul seine.

Yashkara, v.t. To clutch. To seize. To take up by the hand. To make a grab at. To grapple. To fish with a net in a stream.

Yashke, v.t. To wash the face and hands.

Yashke, v.t. and v.i. To he cracked or broken. Syn : Kone.

Yashke-batchi, n. A wash basin.

Yashkep, n. Ablutions.

Yashkep, n. A wash hand basin.

Yashpe, n. A hand fish net.

Ya-sosh, n. Layers or strata of earth.

Yaspa, v.t. To tear. PI. of yasa.

Yasu, n. A spear with three forks used for fishing in the sea. Jap.

Yata, adv. By land.

Yatchitarabe, n. A mat used for carrying things in.

Yatoro, or Yatotta, n. A kind of hawk. Syn; Yattui.

Yattui, n. A mat made of reeds which the Ainu lay upon their floors. Syn : Aputki. Toma.

Yattui, n. Black kite. Syn : Yatotta. Ya-toro.

Yatu, or Yatui, n. A sea gull.

Yatupok, or Yatupake, n. The armpits.

Ya-un, adv. Inland. The interior.

Ya-un-guru, n. An Ainu. The Ainu as distinguished from their neighbours the Japanese, Russians, or present kamtchatdales.

Ya-un-kontukai, n. The eagle owl (lit: the servant of the world).

Ya-un-kotchane-guru, n. The eagle owl (lit : the mediator of the world).

Ya-un-moshiri, n. Ainu land. The country inhabited by the Ainu.

Yaushukep, n. A spider.

Yautek, adj. and v.i. To become hard, as the ground in winter by frost. To become solid or firm. To become stiff and cramped, as the limbs of a dead person if not laid out properly.

Yauyause, v.i. To growl. To snarl.

Yawauge, v.i. To chap as the hands through exposure to the cold wind.

Yaya, n. Wisdom.

Yayaini-emauri, n. A kind of raspberry. Rubus parvifolius, L.

Yayainu, v.i. To think. To consider.

Yayainukoro, v.i. To be proud. To consider one's self better than others. To be vainglorious.

Yayaisurugu, n. Aconite poison.

Yayamkiri, v.t. To know. To know one's self.

Yayapapu, or Yaiyopa-pu, v.t. To make a mistake. To apologize. To beg pardon. Ab: Yayapapu ku ki, " I made a mistake." .'

Yayai-susu, n, Salix stipularis, Sm.

Yayapte. v.i. To dislike to do.

Yayapushkere, v.i. To be wounded. To be hurt Syn : Yaiyeshikorap. Euikuruki.

Yayapushte, v.i. To be surprised. To be astonished.

Yayasap, adj. Un- wise.

Yayashish, adj. Dirty.

Yayashnu, adj. Wise.

Yayattasa, v.i. To make a return present to a person. To return thanks.

Yayekatuwen, v.i. Ashamed. Sorrowful.

Yayemontasa, v.i. To take vengeance on.

Yayepataraye, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). v.i. To exercise self-restraint.

Yayepkara-guru, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). n. A glutton.

Yayoparasechui, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). v.i. To exult. To say hurrah. To cheer.

Yayakoetaptapu, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). v.t. To roll up. To wrap up.

Yayunpa, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters) v.i. To meet with an accident.

Yayepupu, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). v.i. To have aching calves.

Ye, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). n. Matter. Humour. Pus. Fat. The matter of a boil. Fine pumice from volcanoes. White clay. As:—Ye-ush, "mattery." "Having pus." "Fatty." Syn: E.

Ye, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). v.t. To tell. To say. To adduce. To announce. To attest. To acknowledge. As:—Ye wa ambe, "that which was said."

Ye, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). n. Business. (This word can only refer to business of word of mouth).

Ye-hi, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). v.i. To be said. Said. He spake. As:—Ene ye-hi, "he spake thus."

Yep, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). n. A thing spoken. A speech.

Yepe, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). n. Discoloured water. Fatty water.

Yepi, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). n. Same as yep.

Yoikiri, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). v.t. To arrange.

Yokane, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). adv. Behind. Following. After. As:—En yokane ek, "follow me." Yokane ambe, "a person following after."

Yokkata, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). adv. Earnestly. Mostly. Syn: Eunkashi no.

Yoko, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). v.t. To aim at, as with a spear.

Yoko, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). v.i. To wait.

Yokore, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). v.t. To set, as a trap. As:—Eremu akbe yokore, "to set a rat trap.

Yomi, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). v.i. To shrink.

Yomikyomik, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). v.i. and adj. To be wrinkled. To become contracted. Crumpled.

Yomikyomikte, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). v.t. To crumple up. To wrinkle.

Yomne, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). v.t. To cease. Completed. To warn.

Yomne-ki, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). v.t. To cease. To warn.

Yomomke, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters) v.i. To burn or scald.

Yompa, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters) v.i. to shrink.

Yongoro, (Japanese characters), or Yongororo, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters) v.t. To lie in wait. To go in quest. To look for. To crouch as a cat to catch a mouse. To watch for. To aim at. To look straight at. Thus:—Meko anak ne erum eyongororo wa hopiye kuni korachi an ruwe ne, "the cat is lying in wait ready to spring upon the mouse." Syn: Oyokoush.
Yoni, (Japanese characters). v.i. To contract. To shrink.
Yontekbe, (Japanese characters) or Yontekkam, (Japanese characters). n. The calf of the leg. The muscle of the arm.
Yop, (Japanese characters). adj Chief. Principal. Parent. Head. As:—Yop-kotan, "the chief city or capital of a country."
Yopbe, n. One's dead father.
Yoruki-puni, (Japanese characters). v.t. To stir up. To raise up. As:—Wen keutum yoriki puni, "to stir up evil feelings."
Yorokomne, (Japanese characters). v.i. To be shrunk up as the body of an old person or the hand or leg of a sick person.
Yoropui, (Japanese characters). n. The anus. Syn: Otompui.
Yorun, (Japanese characters) v.t. To beg. Syn: Yorun-ki.
Yorun-guru, (Japanese characters), or Yorun-ki-guru, (Japanese characters) n. A beggar.
Yoshpe, (Japanese characters) n. The large intestines.
Yot, (Japanese characters) v.i. To be made dizzy. To be perplexed.
Yottek, (Japanese characters) adj. Tired. Exhausted.
Yu, (Japanese characters). n. Sulphur springs. Mineral water.
Yu-be, (Japanese characters), or Yu-pe, (Japanese characters) n. Cold mineral water. Sulphur water.
Yube, (Japanese characters) n. A sturgeon. Asipencer nikadoi, Hilgd.
Yubin, (Japanese characters) n. A letter. Also yubin kambi. (Jap.)
Yuk, (Japanese characters) n. A deer. Cervus sika, Temm.
Yuk-apiri, (Japanese characters) n. A deer track.
Yukara, (Japanese characters) n. A legend. A tradition.
Yuk-chikap, (Japanese characters) n. The screech owl.
Yuk-emauri, (Japanese characters) n. A kind of raspberry. Rubus crataegifolius, Bunge.
Yak-eremu, (Japanese characters) n. Ermine.
Yuki, (Japanese characters) n. A building brace.
Yukke, (Japanese characters) adj. Very many.
Yukki, (Japanese characters) n. A tick.
Yuk-noimo, (Japanese characters) n. Cardamine macrophylla, W.
Yuknumau-ni, (Japanese characters) n. Rhamnus japonica, Max.
Yukkarush, (Japanese characters) n. A kind of edible polypus.
Yuk-kuttasa, (Japanese characters) (Japanese characters). n. Filipendula kamts-chatica. Max.
Yukoikire, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). v.t. To interfere. To intermeddle. To stir up strife. To spread a false report about one. As:—En orushpe yukoikire, "he spread a false report about me."
Yakoikire-guru, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). n. A meddler.
Yuk-pungara, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). n. Hydrangea scandens, Max.
Yukram, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). n. The liver. Kinop.
Yuk-raige-ni, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). n. Picrasma ailanthoides, Planch. Also called shiu-ni.
Yuk-topa-kina, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). n. Pachysandra terminalis, S. et Z.
Yuk-uturu-otbe-an, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters) v.i. To diminish. As:—Ainu yukuturu otbe an, "the Ainu are decreasing. Syn: Wenpa. Shiepupu kor'an.
Yupi, (Japanese characters), or Yupihi, (Japanese characters), or Yupo, (Japanese characters), or Yubi, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters) n. An elder brother.
Yupke, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). adj. Strong. Wild. Severe.
Yupke-no, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters) adv. Severely. Wildly. Earnestly.As:—Yupke no ye, "to speak earnestly." Yupke no kik, "to beat severely."
Yupkep, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters) n. An accidental death. As: Yupkep an, "to die by accident.
Yupkere, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). v.t. To strengthen.
Yupkiri, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters) v.t. To sow broadcast. Syn: Iyama.
Yuppa, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). v.t. To knead, as dough.
Yuptek, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters) adj. Industrious. Active. Assiduous.
Yuptek-i, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). n. Activity. Assiduity.
Yuptek-no, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters) adv. Actively. Industriously.
Yupu, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). v.t. To do earnestly. To do with might. As:—Kiroro yupu wa ki wa en kore, "please do it with all your might."
Yusa, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters) v.i. To turn away in anger. To go off in a huff. Syn: Ikesho.
Yuta, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters) n. A mortar. Syn: Uta.
Yuta-ni, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters). n. A pestle used for pounding in a mortar. Syn: Uta-ni.
Yutara, (Japanese characters), (Japanese characters) v.t. To send a verbal message.