An American Epic

An American Epic  (1929) 
by Robert Ervin Howard

Sent to his friend Tevis Clyde Smith around April 1929. First published in The Collected Letters of Robert E. Howard (vol. 1), June 2007

The autumn sun was gettin' low, the day was mighty windy,
When Hiram shot the hired man that kissed his girl Dorindy.
Them two was in the orchard there,
   for apples birds was peckin'
When old man Hiram hove in view
   and busted up their neckin'.
The hired man he took it out across the fields and ditches
But Hiram drawed a perfect bead
   and shot him in the breeches.
The hired man he flagged it on, for he knew other ladies—
But Robert Frost can write the rest, or he can go to Hades.

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