An Illustrated Flora of the Northern United States, Canada and the British Possessions/Araceae

Family 12.   Araceae   Neck.   Act. Acad. Theod. Palat. 2: 462.   1770..
Arum Family.

Herbs mostly with basal long-petioled simple or compound leaves, and spathaceous inflorescence, the spathe enclosing or subtending a spadix. Rootstock tuberous or a corm, in our species mostly with an acrid or pungent sap. Spadix very densely flowered, the staminate flowers above, the pistillate below, or the plants wholly dioecious, or with perfect flowers in some species. Perianth wanting, or of 4-6 scale-like segments. Stamens 4-10 in our species ; filaments very short ; anthers 2-celled, commonly with a thick truncate connective, the sacs opening by dorsal pores or slits. Ovary 1-several-celled ; ovules i-several in each cell ; style short or wanting ; stigma terminal, mostly minute and sessile. Fruit a berry or utricle. Seeds various. Endosperm copious, sparse or none.

About 105 genera and 900 speciesfmostly of tropical regions, a few in the temperate zones.   Flowers without a perianth.