An Illustrated Flora of the Northern United States, Canada and the British Possessions/Scheuchzeriaceae

Family 6.   Scheuchzeriaceae   Agardh.   Theor. Syst. PI. 44.   1858.
Arrow-Grass Family.

Marsh herbs with rush-like leaves and small spicate or racemose perfect flowers.  Perianth 4-6-parted, its segments in two series, persistent or deciduous.  Stamens 3-6. Filaments very short or elongated.  Anthers mostly 2-celled and extrorse.  Carpels 3-6, 1-2-ovuled, more or less united until maturity, dehiscent or indehiscent.  Seeds anatropous.  Embryo straight.

Four genera and about 10 species of wide geographic distribution.