An Island in the Moon/Chapter VII

Chap 7

“Good-night,” said Sipsop. “Good-night,” said the other two. Then [they] Quid & Suction were left alone. Then said Quid, “I think that Homer is bombast, & Shakespeare is too wild, & Milton has no feelings; they might be easily outdone. Chatterton never writ those poems! A parcel of fools, going to Bristol! If I was to go I’d find it out in a minute, but I’ve found it out already.”

“If I don’t knock them all up next year in the Exhibition, I’ll be hang’d,” said Suction, “Hang Philosophy! I would not give a farthing for it! Do all by your feelings, and never think at all about it. I’m hang’d if I don’t get up to-morrow morning by four o’clock & work Sir Joshua.”

“Before ten years are at an end,” said Quid, “how I will work these poor milk [PAGE 8] sop devils,––an ignorant pack of wretches!”

So they went to bed.