Anglo-Saxon Riddles of the Exeter Book/12

12 (k-d 66)

I am greater     than all this world is,
less than the handworm,     brighter than the moon,
swifter than the sun.     All seas and waters
are in my embraces,     and the bosom of earth
and the green fields.     I reach to the ground,
I descend below hell,     I rise above the heavens,
the land of glory.     I extend far over
the home of angels.     I fill the earth,
the whole wide world     and the ocean currents,
all by myself.     Say what my name is.

Ic eom mare     þōn þes mindan geard
læsse þōn hond · wyrm     leohtre þonne mona
swiftre þōn sunne sæs me sind ealle
flodas on fæðmum     þas foldan bearm
grene wongas     grundum ic hrine
helle underhnige     heofonas oferstige
wuldres eþel     wide ræce
ofer engla eard     eorþan gefylle
ealdne middangeard     merestreamas
side mid me sylfum     saga hwæt ic hatte

This is plainly a condensed version of the preceding riddle, Creation.