Animal Cloning: A Risk Assessment

Animal Cloning: A Risk Assessment
US Food and Drug Agency

Chapters edit

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Technology Overview
  3. Developing the Risk Assessment Methodology
  4. Epigenetic Reprogramming: Implications for Clones and their Progeny
  5. Animal Health Risks
  6. Food Consumption Risks
  7. Summary and Conclustions


Appendixes edit

A. A Risk and Safety Assessment Primer for Animal Cloning
B. Overall Reproductive Efficiency and Health Statistics for US Animal Agriculture
C. Comparison of Outcomes Among Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs)
D. Transgenic Clones
E. The Cyagra Dataset
F. The Viagen Dataset
G. Unpublished Data
H. The Comprehensive Veterinary Examination
I. Investigation on the Attributes of Cloned Bovine Products


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