Ante-Nicene Fathers/Volume IV/Commodianus/The Instructions of Commodianus/Chapter 22

Ante-Nicene Fathers Vol. IV, Commodianus, The Instructions of Commodianus by Commodianus, translated by Robert Ernest Wallis
Chapter 22

XXI.—The Montesiani.

Ye call the mountains also gods.  Let them rule in gold, darkened by evil, and aiding with an averted mind.  For if a pure spirit and a serene mind remained to you, thou thyself ought to examine for thyself concerning them.  Thou art become senseless as a man, if thou thinkest that these can save thee, whether they rule or whether they cease.  If thou seekest anything healthy, seek rather the righteousness of the law, that brings the help of salvation, and says that you are becoming eternal.  For what you shall follow in vanity rejoices you for a time.  Thou art glad for a brief space, and afterwards bewailest in the depths.  Withdraw thyself from these, if thou wilt rise again with Christ.