Ante-Nicene Fathers/Volume IV/Commodianus/The Instructions of Commodianus/Chapter 58

Ante-Nicene Fathers Vol. IV, Commodianus, The Instructions of Commodianus by Commodianus, translated by Robert Ernest Wallis
Chapter 58

LVII.—That Worldly Things are Absolutely to Be Avoided.

If certain teachers, while looking for your gifts or fearing your persons, relax individual things to you, not only do I not grieve, but I am compelled to speak the truth.  Thou art going to vain shows with the crowd of the evil one, where Satan is at work in the circus with din.  Thou persuadest thyself that everything that shall please thee is lawful.  Thou art the offspring of the Highest, mingled with the sons of the devil.  Dost thou wish to see the former things which thou hast renounced?  Art thou again conversant with them?  What shall the Anointed One profit thee?  Or if it is permitted, on account of weakness, that thou foolishly profane…Love not the world, nor its contents.  Such is God’s word, and it seems good to thee.  Thou observest man’s command, and shunnest God’s.  Thou trustedst to the gift whereby the teachers shut up their mouths, that they may be silent, and not tell thee the divine commands; while I speak the truth, as thou art bound look to the Highest.  Assign thyself as a follower to Him whose son thou wast.  If thou seekest to live, being a believing man, as do the Gentiles, the joys of the world remove thee from the grace of Christ.  With an undisciplined mind thou seekest what thou presumest to be easily lawful, both thy dear actors and their musical strains; nor carest thou that the offspring of such an one should babble follies.  While thou thinkest that thou art enjoying life, thou art improvidently erring.  The Highest commands, and thou shunnest His righteous precepts.