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Anthology of Russian Literature/Ignati Nikolaevich Potapenko

Ignáti Nikoláevich Potápenko. (1856-.)

Potápenko was born in the Government of Khérson, where his father was a priest. He himself was educated for the priesthood in Khérson and Odéssa, but he left the Seminary for the university, and the university again for the Conservatory of Music, from which he finally graduated in singing. Potápenko wrote his first sketch in 1881, and became known as an author through his novel, Holy Art, in which he depicted the literary Bohemia of St. Petersburg. His reputation was still more confirmed by his later novels, In Active Service, Common Sense, and His Excellency's Secretary. His productions are characterised by a healthy optimism and an exquisite humour, which make them very pleasant reading.

Potápenko has been translated into English by W. Gaussen, A Russian Priest (Sunshine Series, No. 86, and Pseudonym Library, No. 7), London, 1891; The General's Daughter (Sunshine Series, No. 126, extra), London and New York, 1892; Father of Six, also Occasional Holiday (Unknown Library, No. 26), London, 1893; The Curse of Talent, in Memorials of a Short Life, London, 1895.