Any Other Time

Any Other Time  (1902) 
by Banjo Paterson

All of us play our very best game --
Any other time.
Golf or billiards, it's all the same --
Any other time.
Lose a match and you always say,
"Just ny luck! I was 'off' today!
I could have beaten him quite half-way --
Any other time!"

After a fiver you ought to go --
Any other time.
Every man that you ask says "Oh,
Any other time.
Lend you a fiver? I'd lend you two,
But I'm overdrawn and my bills are due,
Wish you'd ask me -- now, mind you do --
Any other time!"
Fellows will ask you out to dine --
Any other time.
"Not tonight for we're twenty-nine --
Any other time.
Not tomorrow, for cook's on strike;
Not next day, I'll be out on the bike;
Just drop in whenever you like
Any other time!"

Seasick passengers like the sea --
Any other time.
"Something . . I ate . . disagreed . . with . . me!
Any other time.
Ocean-travelling is .. simply bliss,
Must be my . . liver . . has gone amiss . .
Why, I would . . laugh . . at a sea . . like this --
Any other time!"

Most of us mean to be better men --
Any other time:
Regular upright characters then --
Any other time.
Yet somehow as the years go by
Still we gamble and drink and lie,
When it comes to the last we'll want to die --
Any other time!

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