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TODD, Alpheus, Canadian author, b. in England in 1821 ; d. in Ottawa, Canada, 22 Jan., 1884. He removed to Canada in 1833, and prior to the union of Upper and Lower Canada was assistant librarian to the legislative assembly of the former province. He was continued in this office by the legislature of the united provinces till 1858, when he was appointed chief librarian. When he became librarian there were but 1,000 volumes in the library; now (1888) there are more than 200,000, most of which were collected, arranged, and classified under his supervision. He published "The Practice and Privileges of the Two Houses of Parliament" (Toronto, 1839); "Brief Suggestions in Regard to the Formation of Local Governments for Upper and Lower Canada, in Connection with a Federal Union of the British North American Provinces," a pamphlet (Ottawa, 1866); and "Parliamentary Government in England: its Origin, Development, and Practical Operation" (2 vols., London, 1867-9).— His brother, Alfred, b. in England in 1821 ; d. in Ottawa, 6 June, 1874, came to Canada in 1833, and became chief clerk of the private-bill office of the legislative assembly of Canada. He published " A Treatise on the Proceedings to be adopted in conducting or opposing Private Bills in the Parliament of Canada*' (Quebec, 1862).