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Appletons' Cyclopædia of American Biography/Vogué, Jean Pierre de

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VOGUÉ, Jean Pierre de, Flemish adventurer, b. in Malines in 1570; d. in Brazil in 1630. He was a captain in the Spanish army when, hearing the fabulous description of the country of the Esmeraldas, he went to Espiritu Santo, in Brazil, and succeeded to the command of the colony that had been founded there. The establishment soon dissolved, as the adventurers were only anxious for riches; and Vogué, having announced that he knew the location of the Mountain of Wealth, was soon at the head of a host, and led an expedition to the interior of the Mamalucos country, wandering for several years through central and south Brazil, and suffering many misfortunes. His confidence in ultimate success was never shaken, but he was abandoned by his followers, and fell at last into the hands of the Charcas Indians. It is supposed that he died during his captivity, although the “Colleccão de alguns manuscriptos curiosos” credits to him the work “Jornada por el descobrimento de las Serras Esmeraldas” (Seville, 1690).