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At the Bars of Memory and Other Poems/"Andy" Lockhart

"Andy" Lockhart

This little book of poems is issued by the Truth and Light Publishing House as an aid to Mr. Lockhart. I know him personally and to know him is to honor and admire him. He exposed the political heelers, boot-leggers, time servers and male harlots who were grafting and corrupting his state and making it a den of thieves. The account of his arrest, trial and the imposing of a sentence of three and one half years in the pentitentary at Leavensworth, Kans. is too long a story for this brief introductory.

Recently an aspirant to journalistic fame asked Brisbane what book to read in order that he become a master of vivid and vigorous English. The noted writer instantly advised the reading of "Pilgrims Progress" with the statement that the literature produced in jail was the literature that lived through the ages.

As I understand it some of the poems in this little volumne were written by Lockhart while behind the bars of the penitentary at Leavensworth. Kans. These verses will live long after the author has become dust and ashes. I think you will agree with me that the man who penned these lines never harbored a criminal thought.

He fought on the side of the poor, the oppressed and the outcast, and in his breast there is a heart as true and tender as ever vitalized a human life. The friends who understand the life of "Andy" Lockhart know that there was one near and dear to him who sleeps beneath the flowers in Summer and the snows in winter and that one is referred to in "The Hunger" and other poems in the following pages.

The fight for Lockhart's liberty will continue before the board of pardons and every copy of this book sold will help this friend of humanity a little in his fight for LIBERTY.

Fraternally yours,