Author:Algie Martin Simons

Algie Martin Simons
Algie Martin Simons


  • Packingtown (1899) (HathiTrust)
  • (tr.) No Compromise, No Political Trading by Wilhelm Liebknecht (1900)
  • Socialism vs. Social Tax (1899)
  • The Man Under the Machine (1901) IA
  • What the Socialists Would Do If They Won in this City (1901)
  • A Tale of a Churn (1902)
  • The American Farmer (1902) (HathiTrust)
  • (tr.) The Social Revolution, by Karl Kautsky (1902)
  • Class Struggles in America (1903, 1906, 1907) IA
  • (tr.) Germs of Mind in Plants by R. H. Francé (1905) IA
  • The Philosophy of Socialism (1908) IA
  • (tr.) Life and Death by Ernst Teichmann (1908)
  • Wasting Human Life (1910)
  • Social Forces in American History (1911) IA
  • The Vision for Which We Fought (1919) IA
  • Personal Relations in Industry (1921) IA
  • Success through Vocational Guidance (1922) IA
  • Production Management (1922)
  • The Way of Health Insurance (1932)

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