Author:Andrew Johnson/Executive orders

Executive orders
Signature of Andrew Johnson
Administration of Andrew Johnson (April 15, 1865 – March 4, 1869)
  • 69 Officially Numbered Executive Orders Issued Total.
  • Range: Executive Order Nos. 3 thru 7


     3 Apr 29 Restrictions on Commercial Intercourse in Parts of South Within Military Occupation Discontinued, Except Those Imposed by Congress and Trade in Contraband
     4 May 09 Voiding Acts of the Confederacy and Ordering Reestablishment of United States Laws in Virginia


     5 Apr 13 Ordering Closure of Public Offices on First Anniversary of Assassination of Abraham Lincoln


     6 Jul 20 Ratification of 14th Amendment Certified as Valid, Provided Consent of Ohio and New Jersey be Deemed as Remaining in Force
     7 Jul 28 Ratification of 14th Amendment Certified as Valid